9 Thoughts That Cross Every Guy’s Mind About Cuddling in Bed!

9 Thoughts That Cross Every Guy’s Mind About Cuddling in Bed!
We know there is this assumption about men - that they don't like cuddling in bed. No, we don't think it's "girly" and no, we don't totally hate it. Here's what men really think about couples cuddling after sex!

1. We like it.

Seriously. Like, A LOT.

2. But we might not accept it.

We definitely don't want to seem like we like couple cuddling more than you. We don't know why.

cuddling after sex

3. Though the temperature needs to be suitable for it...

Cuddling in winter? Best thing ever. Love Cuddling in summer? Can get a bit icky.

4. And it CAN get uncomfortable.

Elbow and knees sticking into places they really shouldn't… Come on!

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5. We secretly love cuddling in bed when you initiate it.

Because we get what we want without even asking for it!

cuddling after sex

6. It's also fun because you're so...cushy.

Your skin is just so soft. You're better than the best blanket.

7. And love cuddling is a great way for us to smell you.

Okay, don't get creeped out. It's only because you (and especially your hair!) smell so nice!

8. But taking bathroom breaks can get uncomfortable

You might not realize it, but you can be dead weight when you're asleep, babe.

cuddling after sex

9. The best part though… It often leads to other fun stuff!

Whoever said no to round two after cuddling?!

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