9 Essential Tips... If You’re Trying Skype Sex With Your Guy!

9 Essential Tips... If You’re Trying Skype Sex With Your Guy!
If you're thinking about trying Skype sex, you're in for a very exciting experience! Long distance couples swear by it - and even if you live in the same city, it's perfect for when you just can't possibly spend time together. But there are a few things you should keep in mind before giving it a shot!

1. Plan It Well

No, this doesn't always have to be a spontaneous decision. Feel free to deny the request the first time and set a date for it in the future. A first skype date is like any other first date. You need a little bit of advance notice to plan things!

2. What You're Going To Wear

Planning your outfit is essential! Not so much what you're wearing on top, because you want to seem slightly casual about it - but your lingerie needs to be something that could (alone) get him excited in a second!

skype sex with your boyfriend

3. The Lighting Situation

Skype sex can be really hot, but bad lighting can totally ruin the mood! While things are getting heated on the screen, you don't want to be moving every few seconds because he can't see where your hand is going! :P

4. A Trial Run!

Do yourself a favor - try the testing feature on skype or even just open up your webcam before hand to try it out! Your voice sounds very different and some poses you might think are sexy, could end up looking slightly awkward on the screen. So give yourself those few minutes of practice to put your best foot forward (quite literally!).

skype sex with your boyfriend

5. Locking The Door Isn't Enough!

It’s best to plan this date when you might have some privacy - locking the door of your room doesn’t exactly guarantee that people outside won’t be able to hear you! If that just isn’t possible, try putting on some light music that might blur out your voice - but only for the friends or family you live with, not your boyfriend!

6. Uh, Your Wifi Connection

It might sound silly, but please test your internet connection! It is absolutely essential for your skype sex date and often gets ignored. And if you need to call your internet provider and yell at them for 5 minutes, DO IT. It’ll be worth not getting that “low connectivity” text!

skype sex with your boyfriend

7. Don't Be Scared

Lower your inhibitions and don’t be too reserved when the actual date arrives! Skype sex is more about what you’re saying and the sounds you’re making - rather than about the visual element of seeing you do the same things. So feel free to let out those moans! It’ll leave him speechless, trust us!

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It’s always advisable to have skype sex only with people you trust completely. Screenshots should NOT be something that’s a given - you really never know if they end up in the wrong hands. So give clear guidelines before starting your session that absolutely nothing gets recorded, otherwise there definitely won’t be a repeat performance!

skype sex with your boyfriend

9. And End It With A Bang ;)

Send him a really sexy sext or a picture that YOU decide he can have to remind him of this particular instance! It’s the perfect closing note to a fantastic experience!

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