7 Dirty Messages That EVERY Guy Wants To Receive!

7 Dirty Messages That EVERY Guy Wants To Receive!
Come on, ladies, you know that we love sex. And when we can't have it by virtue of being physically away from you, we love some small indications of what we should be looking forward to for the next time! So, here are some dirty messages that we would love to receive from the women in our lives!

Sex Text 1. “Remember, if you're late, I'll start without you!”

We'll never again be late, trust us.

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Sex Text 2. “Hey, it's your lucky night! You get three wishes for what happens tonight, what'll they be? ;)”

Oh, the possibilities! It'd be like Christmas came early!

Sex Text 3. “I'm feeling really horny, can you come over?”

Simple, but extremely effective!

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Sex Text 4. “Guess what I'm wearing right now?” Followed by: “Nothing!”

We're not going to be able to concentrate on anything after this hot message. Just daydreams of you in nothing. Sigh.

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Sex Text 5. “I'm wearing those panties you really like today. Won't you help take them off later? ;)”

We're on our way, see you in 5!

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Sex Text 6. “You, me and some handcuffs. 8 p.m. sound good?”

WHOA. One crazy bold and dirty message! Have we told you today how much we love you?

Sex Text 7. “I just thought something so dirty that I can't text it! Will tell you about it later!”

Leave it up to our imagination...and we're goners.

sexts to send guys

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