The Real Reason Most Women Moan During Sex!

The Real Reason Most Women Moan During Sex!
Most women moan or make (at least some) noise during sex! This is no secret. But why they do it actually goes beyond just them enjoying sex. Here are some reasons women make noise while sex...

1. Because it’s an automatic response to pleasure!

One of the most common reasons women make sounds or moan during sex is because it's a natural response to pleasure. Sighing or moaning is often an involuntary reaction that is caused by a pleasurable act!

women moan while sex

2. It’s also an automatic response to pain…

Women, of course, also moan in pain. If sex feels uncomfortable or painful, it isn’t unusual for a woman to make some sound. It’s a reflex to any sort of pain - sex isn't any different. Most women are likely to moan in response to pain just as much as to pleasure.

3. It helps focus on the act and be present in the moment!

Women often let their thoughts wander during sex. They could be thinking about anything! House chores, work, a movie - anything. Moaning or making sounds is a great way to get your attention back to the act (and your partner’s as well), and stay focused on what you’re actually doing at that moment.

women moan while sex

4. It’s an ego boost to their partner!

Believe it or not, this is apparently one of the main reasons women moan during sex - to make their partners feel good about themselves. According to research, most women vocalised during sex to boost their partner’s self esteem rather than because they were having an orgasm.

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5. To turn him on even more

Yes, the reason most women make sounds in bed is to turn their partner on! In fact, a lot of women make sounds even when they know that they themselves may not reach an orgasm - because the sounds they make are a great way to affect their partner's speed and momentum and can help him climax faster. It’s not just about speed making it hotter, though - women may sometimes want their partners to climax faster due to pain, fatigue, or even boredom, according to a study.

women moan while sex

6. It also helps some women feel more aroused!

Making sounds while sex turns some women on and helps them experience pleasure. It is also a great way to convey to your partner what does and does not feel good. Moaning lets some women de-stress and experience intercourse to the fullest. Many women feel the need to be vocal during sex in order to achieve an orgasm.

7. Because complete silence during intercourse can actually be a mood killer…

For most women, complete silence during sex can be quite a mood spoiler. Plus, it takes a lot of effort for most women to be completely silent rather than let go and just make some noise!

women moan while sex

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