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#HeSays: 17 Times During The Day Guys Actually Think About Sex!

#HeSays: 17 Times During The Day Guys Actually Think About Sex!

You might think that it's every seven seconds or you might think that it's more often than that! But you can't be certain about how many times men think about sex during a day since it's different for all of us. But here's what we can tell you! These are the times during the day that we definitely think about sex!

1. When we're still dreaming

Oh, and trust us, we definitely don't want that dream to end...

2. When we wake up

Yes, morning wood is a thing and it obviously takes over our thoughts.

3. When we're in the shower

It's fives minutes of thinking about the universe, food, etc., etc., and the rest is thinking about sex. times men think about sex

4. When someone talks about sex

Someone mentions having sex, not having sex, the existence of sex - we will think about it.

5. When we see a really attractive woman

Even if it's just on the cover of a magazine or on a billboard…

6. When something implies sex

You know that moment when something might not mean sex, but if you think of it from a different perspective, it maybe could? That's when. 6 times men think about sex

7. When we watch television

Couples on television might be fictional but they really do have it all. And we bet they can have sex whenever they want to.

8. When we're bored

Nothing to do, nothing to say? Well, there's always sex. Or thoughts about it.

9. When we're eating

This pizza sure is delicious, but you know what would make it better? Having sex before eating it. 9 times men think about sex

10. When we make plans to meet our girlfriends

So, will she be up for it? Will she come over? I hope she comes over. new_in_story_banner_500px

11. When our girlfriends text us

Is it a picture? Is it something dirty? Why isn't it something dirty? That first thought after seeing her name on our phone is about sex and we can't deny it any more.

12. When there is a scope of sex

Even the slightest possibility of getting laid makes all our thoughts wander in that direction. 12 times men think about sex

13. When there isn't any scope of sex

That horrible moment when it gets confirmed that there is no possibility of sex makes us think of sex… But quite sadly.

14. Before having sex

That super exciting moment before having sex, we've literally got just one thing on our minds - SEX.

15. After we have sex

Wow, sex. Sex is awesome. How about some more of it?  
15 times men think about sex

16. When we find out someone's getting married

Well, they're going to having a lot of sex now, aren't they? Lucky.

17. When we're about to go to sleep

End of day is pretty much like start of the day. Hopefully going to sleep thinking about sex will make us have...good dreams. Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: #HeSays: 7 Sex Secrets Your Guy Wants You To Know MUST READ: #HeSays: 7 Things (Almost) Every Guy Fantasizes About
Published on Feb 22, 2016
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