#HeSays: Why Guys Like Going Down On Girls! | POPxo

#HeSays: Why Guys Like Going Down On Girls!

#HeSays: Why Guys Like Going Down On Girls!
Much has been said about how us guys love oral sex. We do, for sure. But we don't just love being at the receiving end of it - we love doing it to you ladies too! And here's exactly why guys like going down on girls…

1. It’s the best way to figure out what you really like

Every hitch in your breath… Every, um, reaction… Well, what better way for us to observe, study and learn?! why guys like going down on girls 1

2. Exploring your body is fun!

When we're lying body to body, sometimes we're way too distracted and turned on to pay attention to every little bit of you. So this opportunity to, ah, play with you - it's great!

3. And oh-my-god, the view!

Just put yourselves in our shoes for a second, and imagine looking up. Your delicate bits, your boobs, your face… Can you blame us for enjoying the scenery so much?

4. It’s about as intimate as it gets…

Getting our faces right in there… It's like kissing, only better! why guys like going down on girls 4

5. The way you respond - it's kinda nice :-)

Whether you're running your fingers through our hair, clutching the sheets or locking your legs around our heads - it's GREAT. New In Story Banner 500px

6. Someone willing to let us get THAT up close and personal is just sexy

It's like you're saying, “See me naked. Really, really naked!”

7. It can be very useful if we want to, uh, last!

When things are so intense that we know we won't last another minute if you keep doing the things you're doing to us, it's a really good way for us to take a breather. We can continue being turned on while pleasuring you senseless. why guys like going down on girls 7

8. It’s about the only time you ladies give up control completely!

To know that you're doing nothing except focusing on your own pleasure - WIN!

9. The satisfaction of making someone feel that great is incredible.

We’d be lying if we didn't admit that it gives us an immense feeling of being king-of-the-world. #MajorEgoBoostAlert

10. And let’s not forget about karma!

No, we're not saying that if we go down on you, you have to return the favour. But you can't blame us for trying to accrue brownie points with the universe, can you?! why guys like going down on girls 10 Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #HeSays: 10 Things Girls Should Know About Going Down On A Guy MUST-READ: #HeSays: What Guys REALLY Think While Going Down On A Girl!