7 Things I Want From Him In Bed (I Hope He Reads This!)

7 Things I Want From Him In Bed (I Hope He Reads This!)
Dear boy who is so amazing (and not just in bed), here’s to making our bedroom games even more fun. A few things that I want more of in bed - and only you can help me out with this, you know. :-P

1. Kisses. Everywhere. All the time.

Dear boy, I know you like smooching me, and I love it too. But you know you can kiss my neck and other interesting bits of me too, right? And also kissing while we’re literally in the act - that’s pretty awesome too.

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2. Go down on me more?

I love doing things to you. But sometimes I also just like to lie back and soak in the pleasure. And you do that so well...why not do that some more? I promise to return the favour!

3. Talk to me!

You men are such silent creatures! Just tell me when it’s good, yeah? I don’t want to always have to keep guessing whether you’re having fun or not.

what women want in bed 3

4. Actually, you can talk dirty to me too…

You know those naughty sexts we send each other? No harm in saying some of that stuff out loud either. :-P

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5. Let’s spice things up a bit?

Yes, we have great sex. And it’s great pretty much every single time. But that doesn’t mean we have to always follow a set pattern, right? Let’s both try new things, or even do the same things differently?!

what women want in bed 5

6. Just a little fantasy?

Tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine. Who knows, maybe both of us have the same secret fantasies… ;-)

7. More cuddles, obviously!

They’re warm and nice and make me feel amazing… And also kinda turn me on!

what women want in bed 7

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