7 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Love Shopping!

7 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Love Shopping!
Shopping, for most girls, is an experience that promises unparalleled indulgence. The joys of retail therapy are best understood by those women who can banish their blues with a cute new pair of boots. So if you’re a bonafide shopaholic, here are a list of things we are sure you will relate to!

1. It’s Never Just ONE Thing

1 Girls who love shopping

Bought a new top? Well, now you need a skirt that goes with it. And a pair of shoes to go with that skirt, and earrings that match! Before you know it, you’ve got a whole new outfit to rock!

2. You’re Updated!

Cool new brand launching in India six months from now? You not only know the brand details, but have already picked out your faves from the online catalogue that you plan to buy on opening day!

3. Sales Are Love

3 girls who love shopping

You look forward to the sale season all year, and you probably get SMS-reminders from your face brands reminding you about the awesome discounts that they have in store. Take Chumbak for example, which is currently offering amazing discounts of up to 50 per cent off on fabulous clothes!

4. The Flea-Market Bhaiyas Love You

Wherever your local flea market is, we’re sure the shopkeepers know you, love you, and don’t put too much of a fight when you try to bargain. After all, you are probably their favourite regular keeping them in business!

5. Your Tailor Is On Your Speed Dial

5. Girls who love shopping

Given that you almost always have a pair of new jeans that need alteration, your tailor probably is a permanent feature in your recent calls list.

6. When Closet Raiders Attack!

Given that you’ve always got the trendiest clothes in your cupboard, your friends probably have a field day ‘borrowing’ outfits from you. And you can count on one hand the number of times these *borrowed* clothes have been returned.

7. You’re An E-Shopping Whiz!

7. Girls who love shopping

You know which Indian websites have the best clothes, and better yet, you know how to order from international websites without incurring any customs fee!

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