10 Ways To Look Fabulous This Winter And Stay Warm Too!

10 Ways To Look Fabulous This Winter And Stay Warm Too!
This winter, we’re saying no to shivering hands and frozen feet. But we still want you to look like the style diva you usually are, so here are 10 easy tips to add to your style game and look stunning every time you walk out that door. Winter is coming, for sure, but this time be prepared with your winter accessories to keep yourself warm!

1. Chunky Knits Are What You Need

look stylish in winter

This item has been popular on the runway for some time now. They can look a bit scruffy if not styled well, so make sure you go for something in neutral colours and round them off with leggings and boots.

2. Slip Into Boots With A Warm Fluffy Lining

Be it ankle length, knee length or even thigh high boots, there are plenty available with a warm lining inside. For a stylish look choose a patent or a suede one depending on how much you want to spend.

3. Grab Some Cute Stockings!

look stylish in winter

Yes, we’ve all seen these adorable stocking with polka dots and other patterns displayed in stores. Pick a few deep solid coloured ones and also grab a few of those cute quirky printed ones and match them up with all your skirts and dresses. Such a wonderful way of staying warm, isn’t it?

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4. Invest In A Camel Coloured Coat

You heard us, it’s that one magical colour that makes everything look more expensive. We all have plenty of black coats and jackets in our wardrobe, but this is the one colour you need to add to complete your collection!

5. Accessorise With Long Gloves And Stylish Scarves

look stylish in winter

Want to add a luxurious feel to your outfit, go for silk scarves and long gloves. They look ultra chic and don’t require much effort. In fact, borrow a scarf from your mom and and get your hands on some leather gloves to add a touch of vintage glamour to your look.

6. Add Some Texture With Capes and Coveralls

Faux fur not your style? Then you must try a bold patterned cape or coverall. Just throw it on over any sweater, add a statement necklace on top, and you have a super sophisticated look in seconds! Also do look out for textures that are fur lookalikes, they are totally in vogue!

7. Hats And Beanies Always Do The Trick

look stylish in winter

Complete your winter look with a cute knitted hat or beanie. They look so adorable and you don’t have to worry about getting your hair done either! Printed, textured or suede, just take your pick!

8. Layer Smartly

In winters, we all end up layering and piling on a lot of different types of t-shirts and sweaters, but just make sure you’re not choosing styles that clash or end up making you look very bulky!
Our suggestion is to wear thin sweaters under warm jackets. Trust us, they’ll do the trick.

9. Stock Up On High Necklines

look stylish in winter

Yes, turtlenecks and polo necks are back in fashion and what better way to incorporate them into our daily style then matching them with printed skirts and pants. All you need to add are a few pretty simple necklaces on top. Don’t worry about experimenting with this silhouette, it’s all allowed this season!

10. And Finally Don’t Forget Those Thermals

Yes, this is the smartest thing you can do during a cold harsh winter, especially when you don’t want to feel stuffy in multiple layers! Choose thermals that are not too visible, opt for styles with deep necklines and very fitted sleeves.

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