Accessories You Must Get Your Hands On To Stay Cozy And Chic This Winter

Accessories You Must Get Your Hands On To Stay Cozy And Chic This Winter

This story was updated in January 2019.

For everyone who hates sweating through their clothes and those infamous thigh rashes, rejoice! ̓Cause it’s sweater weather, finally! It’s time to bring out your soft, cuddly jumpers and layer to your heart’s content. Unlike summer, the winter temperatures encourage burying yourself under whatever you can find to block the cold AND take your OOTD to the next level. Double win!

But the best part about cold-weather dressing has got to be the long list of winter accessories you can choose from. Who else absolutely adores accessorising during the winter? We do. Whether it is infinity scarves, fuzzy earmuffs or ankle-length booties, winter accessories are the way to level up your style this season.

Scarves & Wraps 
Socks & Tights
Head Gear

The Ultimate Winter Accessories List

For those of you who want to build your new season collection up, we’ve got exciting news. The ultimate winter accessories list awaits you and it will make you fall head over heels for it, just you wait.

Types Of Winter Accessories

Now, there are no rules to accessorizing in the winter… and definitely, no such thing as ‘over accessorizing’. The great thing is that it is super easy to accessorise like a pro since you have not one, not two but 5 types of winter accessories. You will read all about these down below…

Not just that, though - it’s your lucky day. Once you’re done with this winter accessories list, you will also be up to speed with how to style your accessories with everyday winter outfits. Thank us later, jump right in:

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Scarves & Wraps

We can’t wait to invest in a collection of different type of stylish scarves, this winter. You can’t blame us, okay? Scarves are the ideal transitional accessory to add to your outfit when it starts getting chilly. These joyful yards of a snuggly fabric switch up your look and keep you as warm as you’d like. From light to heavy, from square-shaped to infinity style scarves - these are the ones you need in your life, like, right now:

The Blanket Scarf


These huge scarves will give your outfit life while giving you the ‘in bed’ feeling all day.

Style tip: skip your sweater and wrap yourself up in an edgy check-print scarf when you step out in your basic shirt-jeans outfit.

POPxo recommends: Checked Scarf (Rs 1,890)

The Infinity Scarf


Also called a snood scarf, this winter accessory is a looped scarf with no ends.

Style tip: Double loop a printed infinity scarf with a light-colored shirt and dark, cropped pants. For a print-on-print effect, pick a shirt with pinstripes.

POPxo recommends: Striped Cotton Infinity Scarf (Rs 990)

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The Oblong Scarf


You can have so much fun with this long, narrow, rectangular scarf that is super easy to style. In fact, there are over 8 ways to style an oblong scarf.

Style tip: Style your everyday winter outfit with a bright, statement oblong scarf to add some colour to an otherwise-dreary winter outfit.

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POPxo recommends: Pompom Scarf (Rs 1,890)

The Neck Scarf


Your formal ensemble deserves a sophisticated neck scarf or neckerchief that can be styled with it. Invest in chic prints such as chain or nautical that will do your basic formals justice.

Style tip: Knot a printed neck scarf with a shirt, blazer, and midi-skirt outfit to nail your casual-Friday look.

POPxo recommends: Pleated Chain Print Scarf (Rs 990)

The Shoulder Wrap


A short stole that is big enough to wrap your shoulders around, this wrap is the best winter accessory to pair with your party dresses.

Style tip: Wear your satin cami dress with a faux-fur shoulder wrap to add some texture to your party look.  

POPxo recommends: Leopard Print Paux Fur Scarf (Rs 2,590)

Socks & Tights

If you’re a dress or skirt kinda gal, tights and stockings are your saviours in the winter cold. You don’t want to end up with dry, scaly sticks for legs, do you? More importantly, though, these winter accessories can switch up your winter look in seconds. Check out the different types you should have in your sock drawer, this season:

Knee-High Stockings


Working the high-fashion schoolgirl chic look has never been easier. Remember, knee-length socks look best with mini-skirts.

Style tip: Wear patterned knee-high stockings with a pleated mini-skirt and a solid jumper. Add geeky-chic glasses to elevate your winter outfit.

POPxo recommends: 2 Pack Knee Socks (Rs 699)

Thigh-High Stockings


Our latest obsession is thigh-high stockings during winter time…especially when we want to wear super short bottoms and not freeze to death. It doesn’t hurt (at all) that they are the high-fashion touch your everyday outfit has been looking for.

Style tip: Wear micro-dungaree shorts with a tee layered with a longline cardigan and club them with thigh-high stockings and chunky heeled oxford shoes.

POPxo recommends: Over-The-Knee Socks (Rs 799)

Calf-Length Socks


These ‘dad’ socks are the coolest thing to pair your cropped bottoms with this winter. Stock on fun prints, patterns, and textures to ace your cold-weather ensembles.

Style tip: Pair printed calf-length socks with loafers to wear with a cropped jumper, knee-length skirt, and a solid scarf.

POPxo recommends: Two-Pack Chenille Socks (Rs 799)



They’re basically pants with socks attached at the feet… but sheer. Panty-hose is a great option to style your outfits with during transitional weather. Apart from just the plain-Jane nude and black pantyhose, play around with textured, fishnet, and printed pairs for extra style points.

Style tip: Printed black tights go incredibly well with textured outfits. For instance, woollen skirts or pants.

POPxo recommends: Spotted Tights (Rs 799)

Solid Tights


Tights which are much thicker than pantyhose and are best for the worst of winter when wearing skirts is next to impossible without something to warm up your legs.

Style tip: Club preppy braided tights with a tan shift-dress in a flat material to create textural balance.

POPxo recommends: Textured Knit Tights (Rs 999)


Unless you’re planning on having a cup of hot cocoa stuck to your hands the entire day, invest in this winter accessory to keep ‘em warm… and have fun with them while you’re at it! Wondering what type of gloves to get this winter? Here you go:

Fringe-Detail Gloves


Nothing says ‘it girl’ better than a pair of fringe-detail gloves, trust us. Get you a pair of these winter accessories, pronto.

Style tip: Play with colour contrast and pair your fringe detail gloves with a neutral-shade ensemble to give them the attention they deserve.

POPxo recommends: Fringe Decorated Gloves (Rs 448)

Faux-Fur Gloves


What are you even doing if not wearing faux-fur gloves in the winter? Do yourself (and your wardrobe) a favour and invest in some to add a playful vibe to your everyday winter wardrobe.

Style tip: Style these statement gloves with a white tee, neutral overcoat, and your fave skinny jeans.

POPxo recommends: Faux Fur Gloves (Rs 448)



Remember these good old babies? One of the cosiest winter accessories to have on you, woolen mitten-style gloves are also the easiest to style. Go for neutral shades if your outfits are bright and bold; and if you’re into navies and blacks more, pick patterned and vibrant pairs.

Style Tip: These casual gloves are tailor-made for your denim jackets and hoodies.

POPxo recommends:  Cable Knit Halter Gloves (Rs 546)

Embellished Gloves


Going out to dance the night away with your girls? Gloves with embellishments such as rhinestones and pearls would make for ideal partners to your glam outfits.

Style Tip: Work a biker chic vibe with a zip-up leather jacket, high-waisted pants, and embellished gloves.

POPxo recommends: Faux Pearl Decorated Gloves (Rs 448)

Velvet Gloves


Cocktail parties are all about dressing up in your most elegant dresses and jewellery, aren’t they? What better winter accessory to style your outfit with than these luxe velvet gloves?

Style Tip: Stack a bunch of formal bracelets around your wrist and voila! You’re a real-life princess.

POPxo recommends: Plain Velvet Gloves (Rs 218)

Head Gear

Whatever the vibe you’re picturing in your head while dressing for the winter day, the mere addition of stylish headgear - whether it is a hat, cap, earmuffs or a headscarf - will get you there. Scroll through the ultimate headgear cheat sheet for winter to be better equipped this season:

The Fedora


All your street-chic outfits this winter will thank you if you throw in a textured fedora hat in the mix. P.S. Pick colours that bring out your hair colour. For dark Indian hair, we recommend deep warm shades like burgundy.  

Style tip: A blanket scarf + a white shirt + casual pants + this fedora hat = success!

POPxo recommends: Wool Braid Band Fedora (Rs 749)

The Beret


Channel your inner mademoiselle with a statement French-style beret atop your head this winter. You are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to berets. From solid to patterned to textured, you won’t be disappointed with your options. If you can’t find a beret, a paperboy cap is a substitute you’re looking for.

Style tip: Put together your outfit around the beret by pairing a slogan-tee, an overcoat, and a pair of mom jeans with edgy ankle boots.

POPxo recommends: Brooch Embellished Beret (Rs 999)

The Beanie


Whoever said beanies are for hipsters doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The reason why this winter accessory is one of our faves is that they are versatile and oh-so-cosy.

Style Tip: All your outfits, whether street-chic or casual-cute, are easy to style with beanies. So, go crazy and get all the colours and patterns you can find!

POPxo recommends: Pompom Knit Beanie (Rs 469)

The Earmuffs


They keep your precious ears toasty but earmuffs also add a significant dose of drama to your regular winter wardrobe.

Style Tip: Get yourself a faux-fur pair to spice up your plain-Jane ensembles.

POPxo recommends: Faux-fur Earmuffs (Rs 539)

The Headwrap or Headscarf


Headbands don’t really work when there’s a nip in the air, do they? Woollen headwraps solve this problem and very well at that.

Style tip: Club your pastel shade headwraps with darker neutrals such as grey, beige, blacks, and whites to nail a ‘candyland’ look.

POPxo recommends: Knit Faux Shearling Headwrap (Rs 449)


As much an essential as they are stylish, shoes perhaps are the most addictive of all winter accessories. This category of accessories also has the vastest selection possible for you to choose from, especially during wintertime. See for yourself:

Ankle-Length Boots


Transitional weather supports ankle-length boots the most, but did you know you can style them with your knee-high and thigh-high socks? Ankle-length boots, the on-trend sock boots, and so on.

Style tip:

Your midi-skirts from summer are waiting to be paired up with your ankle-length boots, no matter what kind they are.

POPxo recommends: Snakeskin Pattern Ankle Boots (Rs 2,738)

Knee-High Boots


The most-worn item on this winter accessories list could very well be knee-high boots. They go with most kinds of bottoms (jeans, chinos, leggings, treggings, mini skirts, high-waist shorts et al) and look good on literally everyone.

Style tip: Wear your knee-high boots with a thigh-long wrap skirt and a knotted shirt and you’re gold.

POPxo recommends: Snakeskin Print Knee Length Boots (Rs 3,238)

Over-The-Knee Boots


This category includes all lengths that are over the knee. These boots are chic, on-trend, and make those legs look even longer!

Style tip: Slip into a T-shirt, a pair of treggings, an oversized longline cardigan, and your fave over-the-knee boots to win big at winter dressing.

POPxo recommends: Solid Knit Boots (Rs 2,672)

Loafers & Moccasins


For fancy outings and big meetings at work, we insist you invest in sophisticated loafers - with or without heels - to score some brownie points. If you need something more casual, pitch in for a pair of comfy faux-fur lined moccasins. After all, the right pair of shoes can take you places.

Style tip: Incorporate a pair of heeled loafers into a monotone look and bring your A-game to a fancy rendezvous.

POPxo recommends: Buckle Decor Cork Heels (Rs 1,939)

Oxford Shoes


You need these retro-style lace-up shoes in your closet because… one, they are so versatile - wear ‘em with jeans, chinos, skirts, shorts, and more; two, Oxfords are so comfy, you wouldn’t want to step out of them.

Style tip: Always show the skin around your ankle when wearing these. For instance, club your solid Oxford shoes with cropped plaid pants and a warm-toned jumper.

POPxo recommends: Lace Up Flat Oxfords (Rs 2,390)



Do not forget to mix it up this winter with athleisure. Even if you give it a skip, your basic winter outfits will look smashing with a statement, comfy-cool trainers.

Style tip: Throw on a collared button-up shirt, layer it with an oversized sweater, add a pleated midi-skirt to the mix… now, put on a matching pair of sneakers. Magic!

POPxo recommends: Fly Knit Lace Up Sneakers (Rs 2,229)

Faux-Fur Shoes


Open-toed shoes that are lined with faux-fur are super stylish and yet keep your feet cozy and warm. In fact, even if you’re unable to find a faux-fur pair you like - whether it’s mules, your ballet flats or kitten heels, all your open-toed shoes can be ready for winter with a pair of dainty socks - we’re talking lace, net and beyond.

Style Tip: Wear relaxed silhouettes with your faux-fur shoes to redefine and take the ‘royal mess’ look to the next level.

POPxo recommends: Faux Fur Block Heeled Mules (Rs 2,124)

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