10 Things Your Sexually Active Friends Aren’t Telling You!

10 Things Your Sexually Active Friends Aren’t Telling You!
Some of us are doing it. More of us are thinking about it. And if you belong to the latter category, then know that there’s a bunch of things that the ones who belong to the former aren’t actually telling you about The Act. Here’s a small sample. :P

1. That lube and condoms smell and taste funny

So, sometimes, if you decide to switch to oral sex after intercourse, there's a moment of weirdness as you and your partner…adapt.

2. That sometimes you get too lazy (or too turned on!) to take off your clothes

And you feel really silly afterwards, when you look down at your half-dressed self with random items of clothing missing.

3. That it’s not all about the “sexy” things

It’s sometimes about comfort, sometimes about habit, sometimes about relaxing - and sometimes it’s just about keeping in practice.

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4. That the most common sex positions tend to be rather hard on your knees

Whether you’re going down on him or are on top, or even if it’s from the back - it’s your knees that undergo the most strain. Helps to develop strong thigh muscles. :P

5. That you discover rather surprising things about “power play”

A normally dominating person might prefer to be, um, “told” what to do in bed. And a usually shy girl might just be a tigress in the bedroom. ;-)

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6. That everyone has their own kinks - and they might just be too weird to ever discuss.

Some things are just wayyyy too much information to share with anyone other than the person you’re actually in bed with.

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7. That sometimes people have orgasms only in certain specific positions, or even not at all.

It varies from person to person. You’re going to have to discover this one for yourself! :P

8. That sex is positively full of embarrassing sounds.

Just imagine a whole bunch of squishy noises. After a while, you learn to not feel awkward about them. You either laugh, or ignore them altogether. :-)

9. That it’s messy business.

And you do things that - outside of bed with someone you like - might seem positively gross!

things no one tells you about sex 9

10. That everyone is probably way more experimental than you’d imagine.

It’s done behind doors for a reason, you know. ;-)

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