Should You Use Lubricant During Sex? When and Why!

Should You Use Lubricant During Sex? When and Why!
Lubricant or lube is a liquid that is used to make your vagina more wet to make intercourse easier. A little wetness can ease penetration and it makes the in-and-out motions smoother instead of...err, bumpy. Just make sure not to use too much. A dollop-size spread on your lady parts is more than enough.

You get lube that is made from different things like silicone, petroleum, etc. The best kind and safest form is a water-based one. Some ingredients can make the condom break while others can even lead to a yeast infection. Be safe and always choose a water-based one to make the experience amazing and fun.

When Is Lube a Good Idea?

1. When You’re Experiencing Dryness

During certain times of the month, as you grow older or sometimes for reasons we just don’t know, you just don’t get as wet as you should while getting dirty with your man. A bit of lube makes intercourse much easier and will save you a lot of pain.

experiencing dryness- using a lubricant

2. When You Want To Take Oral Sex To A Whole New Level

Two words – flavoured lubes! We all know flavoured condoms taste horrible, unless you like the taste of plastic and rubber. A yummy lube can really elevate oral sex, plus it’s safer to have lube in such questionable places than whipped cream!

3. When Your Partner Is Umm… Big!

Is he really well endowed? Ever wondered how the hell is that going to fit inside you? You need a water-based lube to turn it into the most pleasurable experience ever. Bye bye, painful sex!

when your partner is big-using a lubricant

4.  When You Are Experimenting

You and your man are trying a complicated position for the first time? You may want to give lube a try to make penetration smoother. And if you’ve ever considered having anal sex, don’t even think about it without using lube first.

5. When You want To Reduce Friction

Friction is painful, it can sometimes cause rashes and infections down there and can even make a condom break. Yikes! Lube can help cut down friction and eliminate all those risks.

using a lubricant when you want to reduce friction

6.  When You Just Want To Make Sex Even Better

Even if you don’t really need it, you can try it for extra stimulation and elevated pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to give that a shot, right? You’re welcome!

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