“Yes, I DID It!!” How We Got Fit In JUST 4 Weeks!

“Yes, I DID It!!” How We Got Fit In JUST 4 Weeks!
The past 4 weeks have been a roller coaster ride for POPxo staffers Gopika E.M and Simar Rana. Four weeks ago they were coaxed into accepting the Nike+ Training Club Challenge – a 12-week program designed by 6 Nike Master Trainers to get them fitter, stronger and more agile. And while they didn’t feel as confident at first, we see them reformed from the experience of trying out a fixed workout regimen with the Nike+ Training Club app (NTC). Here, the girls share their amazing journey and the visible changes in their lifestyle and bodies, the hardships they overcame and the mental hurdles they crossed to emerge stronger, faster and #betterforit...

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“Kirsty Godso’s “Zoom Fast” workout really tested my speed and agility.” - Gopika E.M

The third and fourth weeks of the NTC challenge were strenuous. Unlike the previous workouts, they focussed on specific areas such as the arms and the legs. While Leah Kim’s “Dynamic Yoga” workout (week 4) is my most preferred session since it helped stretch out my body, Kirsty Godso’s “Zoom Fast” (week 3) really tested my speed and agility. I’m still trying to get around to doing that side plank big toe pose from the “Dynamic Yoga” workout from week 4. It’s been a wonderful four weeks and I am proud to announce that all the strenuous exercises have had a positive effect on my body in terms of toning and increased strength. After a long time, I am in a positive state of mind and I hope to maintain it.

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I wouldn’t deny having cheat days and skipping a workout or two, but I definitely regret doing so. This is because these workouts on the NTC app have not only made me feel great about myself, but also had me kickstart each day feeling super energetic. I’m definitely looking forward to many, many more workouts in the coming weeks.     

“Shawn Johnson’s Full Stretch Guide was my favourite this week” - Simar Rana

While the second week of the Nike Challenge had me doing more squats than I could imagine, end of week 4 has me feeling even fitter! I increased the intensity of my workouts just slightly during these two weeks, but despite that, I was actually amazed that I wasn't feeling sore all the time. I think my body was well prepped by the exercises I had already made a part of my routine.

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Weeks 3 and 4 had me slightly more motivated to get the toned body I want. Shawn Johnson’s “Full Stretch Guide” was my favourite from these weeks. Why I loved doing this is because I am a yoga enthusiast and nothing gets me going like stretching. My friends and family seem to think I look much fitter and stronger. What’s more? I have managed to lose 3 kgs and the regular workout routine keeps me happy! Compliments flowing my way only push me to carry on training with the NTC app!

I don't think I can ever stop using the app with the kind of results that I see. I can’t believe it’s just been 4 weeks!

In the meantime...

Nike+ Run Club, Delhi conducted an event for runners to kick off their training journey for the upcoming half marathon in Delhi. It started off with a 5K run from Vinay Marg Sports Complex to Thyagaraj Sports Complex. This was followed by a runners' meet. There was also an interactive session with NRC coach Daniel Vaz and Blade Runner Major DP Singh. POPxo’s Gopika E.M loved meeting bloggers and experts at the meet and managed to gather a few fitness tips for her friends and family from the coaches present.

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