10 Things That Totally Change When You Start Having Sex!

10 Things That Totally Change When You Start Having Sex!
If you haven’t yet done "it", you are probably thinking about doing it, or at least wondering how it feels like. And if you haven’t done it for a while, we feel you. Between work, and boys we wish were our SOs who don’t really get the hint, it's a tough world out there! The good news is dry spells don’t last forever, nor does your virginity for that matter - and when you finally start having sex regularly, a lot changes in your life!

1. Hair matters

You pretty much obsess about the state of your unwanted hair. Staying smooth EVERYWHERE is top priority. Your waxing lady and you become BFFs.

start having sex

2. Smug alert

You! You get a little bit more smug. Especially with your girlfriends who are not really at it as often as you are. ;-)

3. Me time

You become a lot more aware of your body. It's like you've been reunited with a long lost bestie.

start having sex

4. Confidence boost

Having regular sex with your SO also makes you comfy in your own skin. You are not really too bothered if the cute guy at the bar is or is not checking you out, as you are already getting some. If he is, then it’s a bonus. If he isn't, well, his loss!

5. Fitness bonus

You probably eat better, sleep better, exercise more. AND sex burns calories.

start having sex

6. Happy time

There is enough research out there (or there should be!) that suggests more sex means a happier you! Something to do with all those feel-good hormones flooding your system regularly.

7. Tick tock

You also get a bit more observant about your period, especially if you are late a day or two. You really can’t wait for it to arrive. Unless of course you are in baby-making mode, in which case the feeling is reversed.

start having sex

8. Love guru

Your friends who are also getting some - or are about to - seek you out for discussion. After all, who better to dispense advice than the "expert"?! :-P

9. Connect the dots

Good sex is all about intimacy. If you are at it with the same partner (lucky you!) then it justs makes the relationship so much better.

start having sex

10. You beauty!

There is a positive correlation between lots of great sex and how good you look. We may not be able to show you the research, but we can attest to the fact that it’s true!

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