"OMG, SALE?!" 17 Things You'll Get If You LOVE Shopping!

"OMG, SALE?!" 17 Things You'll Get If You LOVE Shopping!
People say you’re a shopaholic. Whatever that means! All YOU are willing to admit is that you just LOVE love shoes, bags, clothes and makeup (and pretty much anything that can be bought)! Now, is that so much of a problem? *Innocent face, batting eyelashes*. Here are a few things you will totally relate to if you’re a shopaholic!

1. When you’re not working, you find yourself happily browsing through e-commerce websites for the latest and coolest deals.

shopaholic 1

2. The doorbell makes your heart beat faster! Because, hello, there are always packages coming in for you!

3. Sometimes you don’t even remember that you’ve ordered stuff! Best kind of surprise ever. From you to you!

shopaholic 3

4. In fact, you’re SO used to buying stuff online that you actually remember your credit card number by heart! And your debit Card. And your net banking details.

5. You’ve often landed up at the mall over the weekend to watch a movie with your friends, only to max out your credit/ debit card because you entered your favourite store. Oops!

shopaholic 5

6. The word “Sale” brings solace to your soul. And the phrase 50% FLAT is just the cherry on top!

7. Shopping is like your cardio, man. It makes your heart rate go up and de-stresses you!

Shopaholic 7

8. Remember that movie Confessions Of A Shopaholic? Well, ya, it’s about time there’s a book/ movie about YOU!

9. You can shop anytime, anywhere! It’s usually a “Challenge Accepted” kind of situation!

Shopaholic 9

10. You can stare at fashion magazines for hours - just taking in all those lustworthy shoes, bags and clothes!

11. You already have a list of what (all) you’re going to buy when you become rich! (And it better be soon, damn it, because those shoes just might go out of stock!)

Shopaholic 11

12. Oh, and your future room better have a walk-in closet! Or just a closet room. Because how else is everything on your list going to fit?!

13. Your friends never have a tough time shopping for your birthday present. Um, hello?! You want it ALL.

shopaholic 13

14. A handmade coupon saying “We’re Taking You Shopping!” is a totally legit birthday gift in your book!

15. Clothes you wanted to buy but didn’t are literally the cause of your nightmares!

shopaholic 15

16. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, you like your money right where you can see it - hanging in your closet!

17. By the time you exit a store, you already know exactly what you’re returning for next week. And the week after that!

shopaholic 17

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