Best guide to please women in bed, hands down!

Best guide to please women in bed, hands down!
Because we do love specific things about it. (Apart from having it in general, of course! :P) Here is the complete guide on how to please women in bed:

A is for Arousal

That thing that gets us going!

things women love about sex 1

B is for Blowing...

It’s a two-way process, folks!

C is for Cuddling

Afterwards. Without clothes.

D is for Desire

Building it higher. With every move.

E is for Erogenous zones!

We have MANY.

F is for Foreplay

Absolutely essential.

things women love about sex 2

G is for G-spot

When he finally finds it! Also read up on how to please women in bed!

H is for Hickies

Embarrassing, but also so cute. Tangible proof, after all! :-P

I is for Intimacy

It’s about getting as close as you can....

J is for Jab We Met

Just kidding. (If you can’t have sex, watch the movie instead.)

K is for Kinky

It’s no coincidence that the Kama Sutra begins with that letter too!

sex k

L is for lingerie

The sexy stuff. Keep it spicy!

M is for More

What we ALWAYS strive for!

N is for Nibbling

And other things you do with your teeth. *wink, wink*

O is for Orgasm

Need we say more? ;-D

sex o

P is for Positions

You gotta try them all to find your favourite!

Q is for Quickies

Fierce and hungry.

R is for Roleplay

Because sometimes you gotta mix things up to keep it interesting! Hint: read up on how please women in bed post sexy roleplay!

S is for Spanking

Never say never! However, this may not be what women want in bed regularly so make sure your lady is into it!

sex 5

T is for Talking

Sweet nothings, pillow talk, dirty texts... sometimes it’s all that girls want in bed, honest! 

U is for Uhhh-uhhuhh-uhhhhh-yeahhh!!

After all, sex is most fun when you're actually enjoying it!

V is for Video

Sometimes you watch one. Sometimes you make one… :-P

W is for Whipped cream

Sex. Food. Sex PLUS food.

sexitionary u

X is for X-rated

All the things we’re too, uh, polite to write about!

Y is for You

Because you can’t always be focusing just on your partner.

Z is for Zen

The stage you arrive at after really good sex.

sexitionary z

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