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26 Things Women LOVE About Sex... Your Sextionary!

Because we do love specific things about it. (Apart from having it in general, of course! :P)

A is for Arousal

That thing that gets us going!

things women love about sex 1

B is for Blowing...

It’s a two-way process, folks!

C is for Cuddling

Afterwards. Without clothes.

D is for Desire

Building it higher. With every move.

E is for Erogenous zones!

We have MANY.

F is for Foreplay

Absolutely essential.

things women love about sex 2

G is for G-spot

When he finally finds it!

H is for Hickies

Embarrassing, but also so cute. Tangible proof, after all! :-P

I is for Intimacy

It’s about getting as close as you can....

J is for Jab We Met

Just kidding. (If you can’t have sex, watch the movie instead.)

K is for Kinky

It’s no coincidence that the Kama Sutra begins with that letter too!

sex k

L is for lingerie

The sexy stuff. Keep it spicy!

M is for More

What we ALWAYS strive for!

N is for Nibbling

And other things you do with your teeth. ;-)

O is for Orgasm

Need we say more? ;-D

sex o

P is for Positions

You gotta try them all to find your fave!

Q is for Quickies

Fierce and hungry.

R is for Roleplay

Because sometimes you gotta mix things up to keep it interesting!

S is for Spanking

Never say never!

sex 5

T is for Talking

Sweet nothings, pillow talk, dirty texts...

U is for Uhhh-uhhuhh-uhhhhh-yeahhh!!

After all, sex is most fun when you're actually enjoying it!

V is for Video

Sometimes you watch one. Sometimes you make one… :-P

W is for Whipped cream

Sex. Food. Sex PLUS food.

sexitionary u

X is for X-rated

All the things we’re too, uh, polite to write about!

Y is for You

Because you can’t always be focusing just on your partner.

Z is for Zen

The stage you arrive at after really good sex.

sexitionary z

GIFs: tumblr

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Published on Jul 17, 2015
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