#LikeAPro: 11 Super Tricks To Find The BEST Deals Online!

#LikeAPro: 11 Super Tricks To Find The BEST Deals Online!
Online shopping is a safe place. A haven! Nobody cares if you’re in your pajamas, listening to Rihanna real loud and eating a pizza while you shop. Oh, and the options! There is pretty much nothing that you can’t buy online any more - and if you’re doing it, might as well do it like a pro with these AMAZING online shopping tips!

1. Have a separate email account for mailers

We know how annoying those emailers can be, but we’ve also know they’re one of the best ways to stay in touch with sales and deals. Best way to manage these is to always sign up for them with an old ID that you don’t use for any other purpose. E-commerce sites aren’t going to judge your weird choice of username!

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2. Search, search, search!

Always Google your item name and try to find it on other sites. You might find it in a sale on a different website, and saving even those 100 bucks will end up mattering if you’re buying a lot of stuff!

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3. Size charts are the bible

We know sometimes we just prefer to pretend we’re the same size as we were 2 years ago, but, ladies, it’s time for a reality check. If you want it to look good on you, you’ve got to get the right size. Consult the size chart every time because some brands and sites use slightly different versions.

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4. Check the “sales” section

This should be second nature. Don’t even bother with the general section - sales are where dreams come true! And trust us, when you buy something, maybe a week after you first saw it, for half the price it originally was, the feeling is incomparable!

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5. Don’t ignore the offers

The random pop-up when you’re trying to look at that cute dress can be super-annoying, but you shouldn’t always ignore them! Some of them have great promo codes and you could really be missing out on some very sweet deals.

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6. Fill that cart up, then judge

That button that says “add to cart”? It doesn’t cost anything to click on it! Don’t think so much before clicking. Add everything you like to your basket, and then you can take a few minutes to judge them all together and discard the ones you don’t like any more! Unlike in a store, where people would definitely judge you if you did this at the counter.

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7. Read the fine print

Yes, it’s a pain to read all that boring stuff about returns and exchange, but you’ll be thankful when you find out you ordered the wrong size by mistake. You don’t want to be stuck with a coat that could fit 2 of you in it (yes, we speak from personal experience).

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8. Investigate the product more than your ex-boyfriend

So some websites only show the product from the front and give absolutely no information about it. But that bag you love is still the cheapest there! Well, Google will rescue you. Some other site will have that product, or the brand will have more pictures on their site. Because you really shouldn’t have to buy that bag unless you’re SO sure it has a top zip. Right, girls?

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9. Yes, your phone too!

MANY shopping websites are moving to being just on apps, and why shouldn’t they? It’s a great idea to shop on the go, and so convenient too! You can do it when you’re travelling to work or back home - it’s great stress relief! ;-) Of course, you can always save things in your cart and look at it properly when you get back to your laptop, in case you want to see bigger pictures of the products!

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10. Read the reviews

While they aren’t always available when you’re buying clothes, it’ll be worth your while to check for them at least! You can learn a lot from other people's mistakes, and while something may look absolutely gorgeous in pictures, if they wear out after the first wash, is it really worth it?

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11. Know your materials

Not everyone went to fashion school, and they can’t possibly be expected to know what charmeuse is. Look it up before you decide to buy it, it’ll give you an idea about how it’s going to really look on you. This is especially important as you’re not actually getting to try on the clothes before you buy them!

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