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19 Thoughts We've All Had During A BAD Makeout Session!

19 Thoughts We've All Had During A BAD Makeout Session!

We’ve all made out with at least a couple of guys or four. And mostly it’s been fun. But buried deep within every girl’s memories lies that ONE bad makeout session - that horrific time when everything felt SO wrong that it made us secretly wonder if we should just give up altogether. This is what we thought... 1. Um. This feels more CPR than sexy. 2. Is it just me?! Am I a really bad kisser and never realized it? 3. Okay, wait. Why is he trying to eat my face? Did he not get any breakfast today? bad makeout session 1 4. Is he trying to unhook my bra or defuse a bomb? Why is it taking so long? 5. Dude. These are my boobs, not stress balls. 6. Ouch, ouch, stop tugging on my hair. 7. Someone PLEASE tell him what to do with his hands! 8. I’m so weirded out that now I don’t know what to do with MY hands. bad makeout session 3 9. If I don’t get to straighten my neck NOW, it’s probably going to get stuck at this angle forever! 10. Is he trying to give me a hickey? Does he think he’s a vampire? 11. STOP BITING ME RIGHT NOW. bad makeout session 2 12. Is there a polite way to say this sucks? 13. Uff, his hotness is inversely proportional to his making-out skills. 14. If this goes on any longer, I’m going to lose all interest in guys. bad makeout session 4 15. What’s with all the yanking? If he tears my top, I’m going to make him buy me a new one. 16. Hmm. This explains SO MUCH about why he’s been single so long. 17. Actually, has he even made out with a girl before?! 18. What excuse can I make to get out of here? I want to go hoooome. :-( bad makeout session 5 19. Damn it, why can’t mom call me NOW?! GIFs: tumblr MUST-READ: Kiss & Tell: 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has After Her FIRST Kiss! MUST-READ: #FirstTime: 11 Thoughts We’ve All Had When Our Man Took Off His Clothes  
Published on May 6, 2015
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