19 Random Thoughts Every Girl Has About Her Boobs!

19 Random Thoughts Every Girl Has About Her Boobs!
Yes, that cliche is mostly true - that men are obsessed with women’s boobs. However, let’s not forget that as their owners, us ladies have to live with them every single day. And while we’re not constantly distracted by them like Joey was in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, they do intrude into our thoughts every now and then - after all, we ARE very “attached” to them! Here are 19 random thoughts every girl has about her boobs!

1. Why aren't they both exactly the same size?!

2. Are they lopsided? Okay, no, I was just standing crookedly.

thoughts about boobs (10)

3. Is that a lump?! (Time for a trip to the gynaec, girl.)

4. I'm going to call this one Queen, and this one Bee. #QueenBee (*Laughing in my head*)

thoughts about boobs (3)

5. Are they too small?

6. Are they too large?

thoughts about boobs (8)

7. Does this top make it look like I have no boobs?

8. OMG, my boobs look amazing today. Why am I not meeting a hot boy?!

thoughts about boobs (5)

9. Oops, I'm showing too much cleavage! I need a scarf.

10. Hey, boobs, this guy likes talking to you more than to me.

thoughts about boobs (1)

11. What? Are my boobs SAGGING?!

12. It’s sooo hot today! I wish I didn’t have to wear a bra - boob-jail sucks!

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13. Hey, too-tight top, stop trying to smother my boobs.

14. Oh no, I dropped a peanut! It’s stuck - how do I pull it out?!

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15. Have my boobs shrunk or has my bra become loose?

16. Is that a PIMPLE???

thoughts about boobs (9)

17. Argh, I'm freezing. This AC might make people think I'm "excited".

18. Ugh, my boob is itching - I don't want people to think I'm feeling myself up! (*Runs to the loo*)

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19. (*Going home at the end of the day and taking your bra off*) FREEDOM!!!

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