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#SparkItUp: 7 Signs it Is Time To Show Your Man Some Love

#SparkItUp: 7 Signs it Is Time To Show Your Man Some Love
You know how it is. Life happens. Between family and kids and girl friends and office you get utterly consumed. Guess what begins to feel the brunt of it all? Your relationship. Ladies, if you see these signs, it’s time to take a deep breath and show your man some love!

1. Screen Issues

If there is one thing that can utterly wreck a relationship, it’s your phone. We are all so used to constantly scrolling on our devices that we forget what it’s like to interact with a real, live human being. Make it a habit to put your phone aside.show your man some love

2. Three's a crowd

When was the last time you had a meal together? Just the two of you? Can’t remember? You need to rectify this pronto. We are talking about a one-on-one meal in a nice place without family or friends. Plan one and wow him.

3. Nothing to talk about

Remember that time when you would talk about your dreams and changing the world or silly things which would make you both laugh. When you had inside jokes? If you are thinking of that time with nostalgia, then you need to shake things up a bit. Life is complicated, if your talks with your man are just about the mundane, then you are both losing connection. Go on that date night and promise not to mention work / family or money!

show your man some love

4. Taken for Granted

One of the nice things about being in a long term relationship of any kind is that you get comfortable. One of the down sides of the same is that you get too comfortable - we are talking hairy legs and ratty underwear. So get a move on. Book that waxing appointment. Put on some sexy lingerie. Turn up the romance in the bedroom. Switch the phones and the television off! Take time to connect with your man!!!

5. Nag Alert

We get it. As women - we are multi-tasking ninjas. It’s very easy to get on a blame/criticism/sulk cycle with your man. Step back and observe yourself. If you are forever rolling your eyes and criticizing him, stop. NOW. GO back to being super sweet and nice. Nagging gets no one anywhere!

show your man some love

6. It's all about YOU!

When was the last time you did something that surprised him? If it was not in the last couple of weeks, plan a nice one now. It can be something super simple. A sexy note in his pocket. His all time favourite meal (that he avoids as it’s a carb fest). A gift. Even flowers. Something to say I’m thinking of you and I love you.

7. Bedroom Boredom

One of the first places relationships show wear and tear is in the bedroom. If you both are no longer rocking it in the bedroom, you need to start, again! Sex is a deep connection and should definitely never, ever be routine. Think back to the beginning and channel the feelings you had when you first met and could not keep your hands off each other.

show your man some love

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