These bedroom games for couples will spice up your sex life

These bedroom games for couples will spice up your sex life
If being innovative in bed, stepping out of the routine, or just the drive to do something experimental are things that define you, this post is meant for you. We bring you a list of 7 bedroom games for couples that will definitely get the temperature rising in the bedroom.

Here are Bedroom games for couples that will arouse you with rules:

1. Set Time Limits

Restricting or forbidding someone from doing something can prove to be super-arousing. The game is simple: agree on a fixed period of time for which you can perform any particular move - whether it’s kissing or something else! As soon as the timer goes off, time to switch to something else. Trust us, this is one of those fun games for couples that is going to keep you on edge and totally amp things up.

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2. Answer Your Way In

Teasing is one of the most fun games for couples you can try out anytime. Make your partner stand outside the bedroom door, and ask him questions while you wait for him inside. If you like his answers, he gets to move a step closer to the bed and his ultimate goal - you. If you don’t like his answer, he has to take a step back. Make your questions as risque and fun as you possibly can!

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3. Delicious Delight

Yes, we get it. You’ve all heard and read enough about the problems of using food during sex, and how messy it can get if you’re trying to, uh, eat it off each other. Here’s a simpler, fuss-free version of one of the popular bedroom games for couples for you. Blindfold your partner, and give him a bowl of your fave dessert and a spoon. He has to feed it to you, and if he spills it on you, then he has to clean up (using his mouth, of course)! After a while, reverse roles and let him to do it to you.

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4. Strip Poker

An oldie, but a goldie, this is one of those romantic games for couples that will never lose its charm. A deck of cards does wonders in the bedroom. It’s basically poker, but when you lose a hand, you also lose a piece of your clothing! You can customize the game for yourself too. Assign tasks to specific cards, and whenever you or he pick the card, you have to perform that task. Needless to say, the tasks should be risque ones!

5. Play a Role

Doing the deed while you’re pretending to be someone else can be super-arousing. Pretend to be your fave TV couple, or characters from a book, and go about it as you imagine they would do. Trust us, this is one of those fun games for couples that sound funny but really work!

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6. The Fantasy Bowl

Write down your fantasies on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Get him to do the same. Take turns picking up slips from the bowl - and try out the fantasies!

7. Have a Shot or Four!

You’ve watched enough movies where people are doing shots off each other’s bodies. Well, those are pretty intoxicating bedroom games for couples. Why not try it at home with your partner? The high of booze + your mouths on each other = win win!

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