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#PaisaVasool: 8 Ways to Save While You Shop Online

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Online Shopping is the future. There's no question about it!

The Internet is full of options. With infinite products, easy price comparisons, no queues to try on outfits - it's a shopper's dream. Plus it comes with super convenient doorstep delivery - no more lugging heavy bags around.

Really, why even bother with the trek to the mall anymore! Annoying security, perpetually full parking lots, overcrowded stores, and long queues, errm, NO! Most of us have long made the switch to the joys of online shopping and are pros at the game now! If you're still figuring how to get the best deal online, here's a bunch of tried and tested tricks that will help you save a few (more) bucks.

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1. Keep yourself informed

Call them junk or spam, but newsletters are a boon when it comes to information on sales, deals and special member-only previews and exclusive offers.  Take time off to read them on your way to or back from work. You may not even know it but some of these spam-looking newsletters carry special promo codes that can save you quite a bit on your next purchase. You can even create a separate email id only for newsletters and promotional stuff.

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2. Sign up on BonusBay.in

Everyone loves the words 'bonus'. And what's not to like about the fact that while you are shopping anyway, you get additional discounts simply by logging in to your Bonusbay account. It's a free service that helps you get better deals and cashback too. Another reason to shop some more, right?

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3. Big Buy

We know it's hard to resist the temptation (and instant gratification) of impulsive buys, but it's best to plan your big purchases around the big sales and discounts. These are usually just before festivals, so keep an eye for them. You'll usually be able to save a fortune.

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4. Shop smarter

If you are picking up something from international websites, make sure shipping is free, else you may end up paying more in shipping than on the product itself. If it isn't, check with friends and family if they need something from that site too, shop together and split the shipping charges (sometimes, it's just one big chunk up to a certain weight).

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5. Couple the coupons

Often when you shop, you receive coupons or discount vouchers for your next purchase. While it's easy to forget about them a week or so later, it's best to make a note of it somewhere handy and use it for additional discounts.

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6. Get cash back, for real

It feels good to know that sometimes, shopping is not the way to just lose money, but make some too. Simply log into your Bonusbay account, and click on any of the online stores through their site. Make a purchase  as you normally would, and only with a few extra clicks, get discount on top of discount. When your bonus reaches Rs. 1000, get money wired to your bank account. That's it! On bonusbay.in, it's a total win-win-win, we say!!!

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7. Use plastic

Most of us don't realise that our credit (and sometimes debit) cards offer cashbacks or additional points that can be redeemed later. Why not make the most of it? Keep a tab on it and follow up with the bank in case you don't receive it.

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8. Rope in your friends

Your friends are shopping addicts too? Super, make some extra cash! Just register on Bonusbay and spread the word. Every time a friend registers via your referral code, you've earned yourself an easy Rs. 250!

* This is a sponsored post for Bonusbay.in. 

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Published on Mar 04, 2015
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