7 Sex Tips from Fifty Shades of Grey Everyone Can Follow

7 Sex Tips from Fifty Shades of Grey Everyone Can Follow
The Fifty Shades of Grey mania is all set to kick into overdrive. And no matter what the NYT says about the lack of chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, there is something undeniably sexy about Christian Grey. Yes, he is twisted, a misogynist and enjoys inflicting pain upon the unsuspecting Ms Steele - not to forget the awful writing that makes up the bulk of the books - BUT we can’t help wondering: what can one take away from this best-selling trilogy? These are the Fifty Shades sex lessons came up with...

1. Try Something New

Being open to new experiences is a surefire way to stave off sexual boredom. Of course, be safe, and have a safeword if required, but open your mind to - at the very least - trying out new position and locations! You may not go as far as the Red Room of Pain, but experiment a little.

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2. Give Up Control

It is the (sexual) basis of the book and we can (nearly) see how giving up control, in the right circumstances, can be undeniably sexy. We live our lives trying to exert it in all aspects; so to have your partner play the role of the masterful lover - allowing ourselves to let go - sounds like an idea we can get behind once in a while.

3. Foreplay Matters

It’s the build-up to the sex scenes that actually makes the reader sit up and take notice in the novels. This is a great lesson for real life. Anticipation is key to having really great sex. So set the stage, take your time, and build up to the final act.

4. It’s Good to Speak Up

Grey spends a lot of time telling Steele exactly what he is going to do to her. That is sexy. By the same coin, telling your partner what you would like him to do is a major turn-on. Talk dirty. It works.

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5. Flirt All the Time

The many, many email exchanges between Grey and Steele, the constant sexual banter, the ever-changing email signatures - they are actually quite hot.

6. We Love Possessive Men

She is the centre of his universe. He will move heaven and hell for her. Yes, we know he is a fictional character, but we can’t help but sigh and dream. Of course, in real life it might get a tad creepy; however, a toned-down version of this possessive trait - something that makes us feel desired rather than overwhelmed - is something can be down with.

7. Focus!

The one thing we do admire about Christian Grey is his ability to focus totally and indisputably on Anastasia Steele. In the bedroom, knowing that our partner is 100 per cent behind our pleasure totally gets us in the mood!

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