Beet It Up: 5 Reasons to Have the Super-Healthy Beetroot!

Rini Barman


The beetroot is known to be an absolutely fantastic seasonal vegetable (some call it fruit too!). And the great thing is that we have beetroot in stores all the year round these days - yay, because it is SUCH a versatile food! Whether you eat it raw or have it as juice or boil it or use it as garnish for dishes, the beetroot has lots of fibre and is a MUST for those seeking to lose weight quickly. We tell you today why you MUST have this reddish-purple veggie in various forms.


1. Beetroot is the last word in natural iron content

Having issues with erratic menstrual flow? Have some iron-rich beetroot. We want the beet to be made compulsory for anaemic girls and women who want to have a healthy baby! Also rich in folate, intake of beet for pregnant women helps to prevent several birth defects. For those who have already delivered their babies, beetroot is just as important for the months you are breastfeeding.

2. Try combating tummy fats with beetroot

Sometimes we can never understand how in spite of having healthy food why we still accumulate belly fat! Well, make the beetroot your friend, then. Beets are fibre-rich antioxidants as well, so a great thing to combat belly fat and cholesterol with!


3. Beet the stress!

Beets contain trytophan, which is kind to the brain muscles - hence you can relax and feel calmer at moments of stress. Next time anybody offers you the choice between a glass of beet juice and chocolate, go for the juice! The sugar that beets have is different from what chocolates have, and translates into energy rather than fat!

4. Beets are good for sexual prowess

The beetroot stimulates the production of hormones that increase blood flow to the genital areas, so have some beet when you're prepping for your moments of bliss! ;) You will feel happier, healthier and more energetic. (Make sure you tempt your partner also into eating some!)

5. Beets improve digestion

Are you prone to stomach problems and tummy upsets? Try some beet. It's known to perform miracles when it comes to curing acidity. Besides, it acts as a blood purifier for the entire body, and so it's great for when you want to detox.


Go pick up this magic veggie at your nearest store today!

Images: Wikipedia Commons

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Published on Sep 09, 2014
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