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Have a Clean Period! 6 Commonly Overlooked Menstrual Hygiene Tips

Have a Clean Period! 6 Commonly Overlooked Menstrual Hygiene Tips

rsz_shutterstock_75154228The onset of puberty is a sign of physiological development. But it takes time to acclimatize to this change! Not only does it bring about many changes in our body and mind but also we have to adapt our daily routine too. One sure-shot way to combat stress and pain during your period is to take care of menstrual hygiene and cleanliness. From using sanitary napkins to disposing of them correctly, there are many things we have to remember. Therefore, to make your "that time of the month" slightly easier, we give you these somewhat easily overlooked menstrual hygiene tips.   

(P.S.: Remember to not heed to the taboos associated with menstruation! It’s your good health we are talking about here - and there’s absolutely no stigma in discussing how to have a clean and healthy period!)

1. Always, always keep separate underwear for your periods

rsz_shutterstock_197164520It's tough to immediately wash out menstrual bloodstains from your panties, especially if you are in your workplace or in any kind of outdoor activity. Hence, we suggest you have separate panties for your periods. Ensure you wear them only when you are menstruating, and wash them with warm water and some sort of disinfectant before you use them again. And please keep a spare pairof panties handy in your bag! There are few things worse than continuing to wear stained panties through the day.

2. Change your bed-sheets frequently when on your period

Irsz_shutterstock_164155601t’s very common that sometimes during the night there might be leakage. To avoid messiness and unsanitariness, change your bed-sheets frequently. Use Dettol or any other sanitizer every time to wash the sheets.  Apart from bed-sheets try changing your innerwear often. For girls who sweat more, the more you change your innerwear (instead of wearing the same pair the entire day), the more it will relax you.

3. Choose menstrual cups over tampons

rsz_rsz_menstrual_cupMany women find menstrual cups comfier than tampons. Caps are supposed to collect the blood flow instead of soaking it - that means they leak less and you don’t have to run to the washroom every thirty minutes to change it. Additionally, tampons may make you feel sore and dry, so girls with heavy flow should go for cups.

4. Place sanitary pads well to avoid rashes.

rsz_rsz_shutterstock_77048440If you are using pads, we suggest you follow this precaution with the greatest care! Always take your time to place the pad well in place, because improper arrangement often leads to rashes. And yes, they can itch a lot (since the female genitalia is highly sensitive). You may need medical help if you don’t take this seriously.

5. Remember to wash up directly after you exercise

Yoga woman meditating and making a zen symbol with her handIf you are doing yoga or any form of mild exercise during menses, do not forget to change your clothes and shower as you would have accumulated sweat which might lead to bacterial infection.

6. The external genitalia needs to be clean to be safe

Clean your vulva with warm water. It’s been proven that vaginas are self-cleaning so, do not apply soap. However, feminine hygiene products can be of help. Remember also to make sure that the water flows from the vagina towards the anal areas and not vice-versa to avoid urinary tract infections.

P.S. Never forget to wash your hands carefully with hand sanitizer or soap before you have your meals and drinks while menstruating!

P.P.S. Dispose of sanitary napkins and tampons by properly wrapping them before putting them into the dustbin. Do not flush them, not even if you're in a hurry.

Have a healthy, clean period!

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