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What Is It Like To Wear A Menstrual Cup For The First Time? 9 Women Share Their Experience

What Is It Like To Wear A Menstrual Cup For The First Time? 9 Women Share Their Experience

You might have already heard about menstrual cups and their zillion benefits. These silicone-based devices are inserted into the vagina to collect period blood and can last for up to ten years. They’re sustainable, environment-friendly, prevent rashes and irritation, and help you save a tonne of money. 

But despite all the good they have to offer, opinions about these reusable babies are rather polarised. Some users sing their praises from the rooftops while others despise them. Now, this extreme difference in cup reviews can be quite confusing if you’re planning to make the sustainable switch. So we set out to ask a few cup users about their first tryst with the device to seek more clarity. Take a look at what they had to say before taking the plunge:

Ordered The Wrong Cup Size

I almost threw it away the first time I tried to insert a menstrual cup. But the problem really was that it was too big for me and just wouldn’t get inside. I had ordered an L-sized cup because my period flow is intense. It was only after talking to a friend that I realised that the cup size depends on factors like cervical height and childbirth. The second try with a medium-sized cup was easier though.
-Shivani Kapoor, 29

Not Quite Painful

I wasn’t sexually active when I tried a cup for the first time. I had never even used a tampon. So, I was already struggling with the question: what if my hole is too small? I researched more and figured out that folding the cup into a C-shape and using lube can help and I followed suit. The insertion wasn’t even half as painful as I had imagined it to be.
-Isha Raj, 29

‘Twas A Messy Affair

I wish someone had told me that it’s better to practice inserting a menstrual cup before getting your period. I just didn’t know and got all experimental on day one of my period when I was already in pain and irritated. I pushed it in halfway and pulled it out. The withdrawal was painful and there was blood all over the toilet seat and floor. 
-Nayan Mishra, 27

Freaked Out

I was quite motivated to try an environment-friendly period aid. But when I tried it on, the period blood simply freaked me out. I dropped it in the pot.
Bhavni Prakash, 29

Folded It Wrong

I inserted it and something didn’t feel quite right. Thankfully, I still had a finger in and I pulled it out immediately. I think I had folded it wrongly and so, the cup didn’t funnel out properly once it was inside. 
-Lubhani Manchanda, 27

Prepping Up Helped

I went in well-prepared. I had researched and found out exactly how to fold the cup and took a lube along for easier insertion. I tried it a week before my period and the insertion was painless and seamless for me. I also walked around with a cup to see if it was comfortable and after an hour or so, I couldn’t even feel there was something inside.
Urvashi Singh, 29

Took Time To Get Comfortable

Insertion wasn’t painful. But I had definitely done something wrong because I was quite uncomfortable the whole day and kept leaking. I guess it takes a few cycles to get used to the cup, but once you do, you never look back. 
Rati Lamba, 29

Locating The Cup Was Confusing

I inserted the cup in one go but I didn’t have the heart to step out wearing it. I also remember that I had a tough time trying to locate the cup to pull it out thereafter. It was only after watching a tutorial online that I understood that it requires patience, the right technique, and some practice to handle the cup. 
-Neha Massey, 31

Fear Of Pushing The Cup Inside

I hated it. I didn’t push it enough and it was literally stuck between my legs. Not only did it keep leaking, it felt extremely uncomfortable and made me walk funny. I was too scared to push it further. 
-Sabia Khullar, 27

You know what’s common between these experiences? The lack of awareness about the cup-handling techniques and an initial phase of struggle. We get it, the cup-version can be quite daunting in the beginning. But once you get used to it, there’s no looking back, we promise. So believe in yourself and take the plunge. All the best!

Featured Image: Pexels  

26 May 2022

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