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Everything You Need To Know About Using Tampons Like A Pro

Everything You Need To Know About Using Tampons Like A Pro

You might have heard seasoned tampon-users singing praises about the disposable period aid. But if you still find switching to them daunting, we understand your reluctance. Unlike sanitary pads, a tampon is inserted into the vagina to soak period blood. This may flood your mind with questions like whether it would hurt or how to insert a tampon in the first place. Fam, we assure you that it’s a reliable period aid that won’t make you regret ditching your regular sanitary pads. In fact, once you get a hang of it, using it will become second nature. Now, as we root for this internally-worn period aid, we’re here to clarify all your doubts and make your tampon transition a smooth one. Here’s everything about tampons that you need to know:

Why Should You Use A Tampon?


Do you often wake up to a crime scene of sorts in your bed? Are you always worried about moving too much while on your period? Do you walk around with painful pad rashes during shark week? Well, switching to tampons can eliminate all these period hassles for you. So, before we get to how to use a tampon, let’s talk about why you should make the switch in the first palace:

They Can Keep You Super Comfy

If you’re a sanitary pad user, you know that even the ones with the biggest wings tend to move and cause leakages at some point. You probably also know how they can cause friction with your genital skin and make you break into painful rashes. Enter tampons. Once inserted properly, you won’t feel like you’re wearing a period aid. Secondly, since they make no contact with the genital skin, they don’t cause rashes. And lastly, they absorb the catamenia inside the vagina and keep it from coming out and causing leakages. 

They Help You Stay Active

Tampons can keep period stains at bay and help you work out minus any leakage worries. But that’s not it. They open doors to a host of activities that you can’t do with a pad on. Swimming is a case in point. With a tampon doing its absorption job inside the vagina, you can take a dip without a care in the world. 

You Can Flaunt A Bikini Too

Imagine being on a beach vacay during shark week. If you’re a sanitary pad user, flaunting a bikini can be a far-fetched dream during your trip. However, with tampons, there’s no visibility issue. No wings hanging out, not pads moving here and there, only foolproof protection. Win, win, we say.

How To Use Tampons 


Wondering how to use a tampon? Well, it may seem like a big deal, but it is no rocket science. All you need to do is know about each part that makes up a tampon to understand how to bring them into play and make your period experience a comfortable one. Take a look:

The Tampon Body

The white cylindrical part of the tampon is the main component of this period aid. It’s made of soft, absorbent material that compresses easily to fit into the vaginal canal and expand when it soaks blood.

The String

The string on the base of the tampon extends outside of the vagina so you can pull it for removal. Since it’s made of the same material as the tampon, you can tuck it into the labia or the underwear.

The Applicator 

Some tampons come with a detachable applicator made with plastic or cardboard. It comes with a plunger that thrusts the tampon in and makes the insertion easier, keeping your fingers clean.

How To Choose The Right Tampon?


Now that you have an idea about how to use a tampon, let’s understand how to choose the right one. Tampon sizes have nothing to do with the length or girth of the period aid. Rather, they are based on their absorbency. Higher the absorbance, bigger the size. Figuring out your true match is a hit and trial, really. But here are three things to keep in mind:

Start Slow

A highly absorbent tampon can render your vagina dry if your period flow is light. So, start with a small or a regular-sized tampon. 

Patience Is Key

The best time for tampon trials is when you’re at home or in a comfortable environment, where accidental leakage can be managed. Remember, this is a trial phase, so you’ve got to be a bit patient. Keep an eye on the duration for which your tampon lasts without leaking. If it leaks in less than three hours, you might have to try a bigger size. If not, stick to the one you’re using.

Mix & Match

You can use a combination of different tampon sizes for different days of the period week. A regular/large sized tampon is the answer to how to deal with a heavy period during the initial days of the shark week. You can opt for a smaller one for the lighter-flow days towards the end .  

How To Insert A Tampon


How to insert a tampon? Is this question still bothering you? We’re here for you, pal. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put in a tampon to take the edge off the seemingly-tedious process:

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

Your vagina’s sensitive. Touching it with dirty hands can introduce bacteria in there and cause infections. So always wash your hands thoroughly with soap before inserting a tampon.

Step 2: Sit Comfortably

Find a comfortable position that lets you relax and still reach your vagina. You can sit on the toilet with your legs wide open or stand while slightly squatting to insert a tampon. You can also try lying down or propping one foot on a step or other raised surface. 

Step 3: Hold The Tampon Right

Hold the middle of the tampon in between your thumb and middle finger. Keep your index finger on the base where the string extends. Make sure the grip’s strong so that the tampon doesn’t slip. If it’s an applicator tampon, hold it like you’d hold a syringe. 

Step 4: Insert It

Using the tip of the tampon, open the folds of the labial skin and locate the opening of the vagina. You can also use the other hand to push the skin aside. Now, slide the entire barrel inside, angling towards your back. In case of an applicator tampon, push the plunger to make a clicking sound to insert the tampon. 

Step 5: Remove The Applicator

Once the tampon is in, gently pull out the applicator. The string will be the only thing coming out of the vagina. Make sure to walk and check if you’re feeling comfortable. Remember, it shouldn’t feel like there’s something between your legs and you should be able to walk comfortably.

How To Remove A Tampon


Now, let’s get to the part where you’d need to remove it after 3-4 hours of use. All you need to do is to wash your hands, sit in a comfortable position, locate the string and pull it out gently. Simple.

Things To Keep In Mind If Using A Tampon For The First Time


Here are three pro tips to keep in mind if you’re using a tampon for the first time:

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Remember to always be gentle while inserting and removing the tampon. A sudden thrust or jerk can break the string and make it difficult for you to locate the tampon.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Before embarking on your tampon journey, make sure to watch enough videos on insertion and removal so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. Also, always sit in a comfortable position while inserting and removing your tampon.

Use Lube

Ideally, your menstrual fluid can act as a lubricant and make tampon insertion easily. But if you experience any pain or difficulty while inserting a tampon, use a pea-sized amount of lube on your vaginal opening to help ease in the tampon. 

POPxo Recommends: Sirona’s Moisturizing Lube Tube

Made with natural ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, this product relieves vaginal dryness without disturbing the natural flora of the vagina. Pro tip: you can use this product to have some fun in bed too. It makes penetration painless and amps up matters between the sheets like no other.


How Do I Know If I Inserted It Correctly?

Once inserted, the tampon should be completely inside the vagina with only the string hanging out. You should be able to walk comfortably without feeling like there’s something between your legs. Lastly, it should give you leakproof protection for at least three-four hours. 

When Do I Need to Remove It?

You can use a tampon for three-four hours at a stretch. Keeping it inside for longer can lead to toxic shock syndrome (which is fatal!) or infections. So set an alarm if you’re prone to forgetting!

Is There Any Alternative To Using Tampons?

You can use Sirona’s Menstrual Cup instead of a tampon. Made with medical-grade silicone, it is a funnel-shaped device that is inserted into the vagina and collects period blood instead of absorbing it. It provides leakproof protection for eight hours straight and can be reused, thus, helping you save money and minimise waste creation.

What If My Vagina Is Too Small For A Tampon?

The vaginal canal is made with flexible muscles that contract and expand during childbirth. They can easily contract to accommodate a tampon too. 

Can A Tampon Get Lost Inside Me?

The vaginal canal extends from the vaginal opening to the cervix inside the body. The tampon cannot pass through the cervix and get lost inside. 

POPxo Recommends Best Tampons

Sirona’s range of tampons can completely transform your period experience. They have something for everyone. So feel free to make your pick from their tampon range:

Sirona’s Non-Applicator Tampons

Made with highly-absorbent fibre, they offer leak proof protection and are super-comfy to wear. They come with twist-turn opening for easy insertion and have curved grooves for reliable protection.

Sirona’s Applicator Tampons

These tampons come with a syringe-like applicator to help insert them easily. They’re comfy, odour-free, and come in three different sizes. You can choose one according to your period flow and rely on them for leakproof protection.

Sirona’s 100% Organic Cotton Tampons

These tampons are a godsend if you have sensitive skin. Made with 100% organic cotton, they’re super-gentle on the vagina and absorb period blood to prevent leakages. They’re FDA-approved and super-safe to use. 

All in all, tampons are super-safe to use and can keep you comfier during that time of the month. Once you get over the initial phase of getting familiar with how to use a tampon, you will never look back. All the best!

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