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All About Panty Liners: The Game-Changing Products For Your Intimate Hygiene

All About Panty Liners: The Game-Changing Products For Your Intimate Hygiene

You might have heard about panty liners through ads and social media. But did you know that they’re an integral part of maintaining good intimate hygiene? For the unversed, a panty liner is your regular sanitary napkin’s thinner, less absorbent avatar. Unlike pads, you can wear them daily before stepping out. Trust us, including them in your life can change your intimate-hygiene game altogether and keep you comfy all day. But before we talk about how to use panty liners, let’s get an insight on why you need them in your life in the first place:

Why Do You Need A Panty Liner?


How to use panty liners? Are they safe? Why do I need one? Chances are that these questions are already on your mind. So first thing’s first–breathable panty liners are absolutely safe. According to a 2014 study, they can help you obtain optimal vaginal hygiene. Here’s how:

They Keep Your Intimate Area Fresh

Imagine stepping out on a hot, humid day. Did the thought of a sweaty, itchy intimate area just make you cringe? Well, that’s the number one reason why you need to use a panty liner before stepping out on such days. These thin pads absorb the sweat down there and keep your genitals fresh and clean. So you can walk around feeling comfier than ever.

They Absorb Vaginal Discharge

Come on! Moderate vaginal discharge is normal and a part of our daily lives. However, they can cause wetness, discomfort, itchiness, and irritation in the V-zone. Enter panty liners. They’re almost wafer-thin and absorb the discharge, keeping the intimate area clean and dry.

They’re Godsend If You Have Urinary Incontinence

Over time, the urinary bladder can get weaker due to factors like childbirth, age, and hormonal changes. This can lead to occasional urine leaks. In fact, you may even experience a leak while laughing uncontrollably at a joke. Panty liners help absorb it and keep you comfy all day long.

They Prevent Infections

All that trapped moisture from sweat, leakages and vaginal discharge can lead to bacterial and fungal growth in the intimate area. But since panty liners absorb the moisture, they reduce the chances of infections from these microbes.

They Keep Blood Stains At Bay

Sometimes, closer to the red-letter day, you may experience some spotting here and there. In this case, panty liners can prevent blood stains on your lowers and fancy undies and help you feel more confident while stepping out during the PMS week. Additionally, they can also be worn with menstrual cups and tampons while you’re on your period. Getting used to these internally-worn period aids can take a few cycles. So panty liners can help prevent leakages during this initial phase. You can also wear them on lighter period days instead of pads.

How To Use A Panty Liner


The multitude of benefits of panty liners might have already convinced you to bag this intimate-hygiene aid. So let’s understand how to use a panty liner so that you know what to do with your purchase. Keep these points in mind and you’ll be fine:

Choose The Right One

The safe use of panty liners boils down to choosing the right one. Since these intimate aids are worn more often, make sure to go for a breathable panty liner instead of a synthetic or scented one. Those made with cotton can help your skin breathe and keep rashes, irritation, and infections at bay. Additionally, make sure to change them frequently–every 3-4 hours–just like you change your sanitary pads. Remove them at night before sleeping to let your skin breathe freely while you’re at rest.

Wear Them Like A Pad

Wearing a panty liner is as easy as it gets. They’re worn exactly like a sanitary pad. All you’ve got to do is to remove the protective strip to expose the adhesive on the bottom. Stick the panty liner firmly on the base of your underwear. And tada! You are done!

Discard Them Properly

Just like sanitary pads and tampons, you’ve got to be careful about disposing of used panty liners too. Discarding them carelessly can spread infections and pollute the environment. So, always wrap them in newspaper, tissue, or a disposal bag and toss them in the bin. Never flush them down the toilet as doing so can block the drains and cause backflow. 

POPxo Recommends Best Panty Liner: Sirona’s Dry Comfort Panty Liners

Sirona’s Dry Comfort Panty Liners provide protection from uneasy wet feeling due to urine incontinence, vaginal discharge, perspiration, and spotting. Made with ultra-soft cotton, they’re super-breathable, wafer-thin, and have a “no-wear feel”. So you can step out feeling confident and comfortable at the same time. Cool, right?

POPxo Recommends Best Disposal Bags: Sirona’s Sanitary Disposal Bags

Worried about disposing of your panty liners when you don’t have access to a bin? Well, you can carry Sirona’s Sanitary Disposal Bags while on the go. They’re odour-concealing, tamper-proof, and biodegradable. A perfect disposal aid, we say.

Now that you know all about how to use panty liners, we’re sure your intimate hygiene and comfort is going toimprove. Trust us, these thin pads are one of the best personal hygiene products to swear by. So get your hands on them asap!

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