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The A To Z Of Reusable Sanitary Pads: All You Need To Know About This Sustainable Period Product

The A To Z Of Reusable Sanitary Pads: All You Need To Know About This Sustainable Period Product

According to data shared by the Central Pollution Control Board, 12.3 billion sanitary napkins, amounting to 113,000 tonnes of waste, reaches India’s landfills annually. Given this staggering number, ‘green menstruation’ is the need of the hour and the way forward. Based on the principle of sustainability, it can help minimise waste creation and resource depletion drastically. Case in point: menstrual cups. This silicone-based device can last up to a decade and is already garnering popularity and acceptance. But blame it on the lack of information, availability, or the fear of inserting a plastic cup inside their vaginas, women are still reluctant to give it a go. 

Enter reusable sanitary pads. They can be worn externally and don’t require a major behavioral change. Made with skin-friendly fabric, they keep you comfier than their disposable synthetic counterparts. All this, while helping us stick to the goal of making periods sustainable and environment friendly.

If you’re planning to walk the good walk and switch to them already, we’re here for you. Here’s everything you need to know about reusable pads:

They’re Super-Easy To Use


Using a reusable pad is easy-breezy. All you need to do is to place it on your underwear like you would a disposable pad. The only difference is that instead of adhesives, reusable pads are fastened around your underwear with poppers, clips or velcro. Once you secure them on your underwear, you’re set to go about your day as you would with a disposable pad on. 

Changing Them Requires A Bit Of An Effort


Just like disposable pads, a reusable one must be changed every four-six hours. So you can keep a couple of them handy. Simply wear a fresh pad and wash and dry the used one for the next change. Now, this may be practical while you’re at home, but there’s a solution for when you’re on the go too. You can invest in a pack of odour-concealing pouches and store and carry your used pads in them. You can reach home and wash them later. 

They’re Long Lasting But Need Proper Care


Most reusable pads can last up to 60-100 washes, making them fit for use for up to three years. However, they need proper washing, drying, and caring. Otherwise, they can cause  bacterial or fungal infection down there. 

They Can Boost Your Confidence


We get that not everyone may be comfortable with the idea of touching and washing their period blood. But look at the brighter side here. Once you get over the hesitation, it can help you get comfortable with your own body and its natural fluids. This in turn can boost your body confidence. 

They’re Comfier Than Disposable Pads


According to a 2017 study, reusable pads are way comfier than disposable ones. They are made with breathable fabric like cotton that allows the skin to breathe. This prevents excess moisture from being trapped in your intimate area and keeps dampness at bay. Additionally, they don’t irritate your sensitive genital skin and safeguard you from redness, itching, and rashes–a common feat while using synthetic disposable pads.

All in all, reusable pads are sustainable and super-safe to use. All you need to bear in mind is to wash them properly and you will never look back at your disposable period aids again. 

Featured Image: Pexels

26 May 2022

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