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‘They’ll Never Silence Us All’ - You Need To Watch THIS Video Now!

‘They’ll Never Silence Us All’ - You Need To Watch THIS Video Now!

The murder of Gauri Lankesh was one that shook the nation to its core. It brought forth the volatile nature of freedom of opinion in our country. Dissent is a powerful force that’s both necessary and important for a democracy, and yet seems to be the most dangerous concept when it comes to India.

Mumbai-based Sudeep Pagedar voices these opinions powerfully, in his spoken word poetry ‘They’ll Never Silence Us All’, recorded by The Habitat Studios. His poetry speaks out against, what he calls ‘the politics of terror and the terror of politics’. Incredibly poignant and hard-hitting, the poem is about how the voices of those who have the courage to speak up are smothered by those in power, and how no matter how many of them are violently put down, it will be impossible to silence us all. Sudeep urges all of us, as part of a society, to stand up and speak out at times like these, because if we don’t, ‘no one else will’.

Watch the heart-wrenching poem here:

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