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Nora Fatehi Faces Backlash For Trolling The Gurgaon Lady Who Said 'Rape These Women'

Nora Fatehi Faces Backlash For Trolling The Gurgaon Lady Who Said 'Rape These Women'

Recently, a middle-aged woman in Gurgaon shamed a young woman for wearing a short dress. They were a group of four women who recorded the video of the lady subjecting to moral policing and spewing remarks that reeked of patriarchy. Shivani Gupta, the reported victim, shared the video clip on social media in which the alleged woman, identified as Soma Chakrabarty, can be seen asking men around them to 'rape these women'. 

Social media came down heavily on the woman for her misogynistic comments. After getting severely criticised, Soma released a statement in which she apologised to the women. "I realise that I should have been protective and progressive in my outlook and not conservative and regressive... As a wife, sister and mother and more importantly as a woman, I value every woman's dignity."

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Rapper Raftaar took to social media to call out the woman on her abrasive thoughts. When he shared the viral video on Instagram, Nora Fatehi also slammed the woman, but instead of addressing the issue, she mocked the woman for speaking incorrect English. She commented on the singer's video, "Wow she literally raped english."

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Soon after, netizens trolled Nora for her comment and criticised her for focussing on the woman's language and not her regressive outlook. "u saw her accent but not her words how irrelevant," one user commented, while another wrote, "You talk about her literally raping English but used the word 'literally' wrong. The irony. Maybe speak about the situation instead of speaking how bad she is at speaking English? Thanks."

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Internet tried to sensitise Nora about what the need of the hour was and also informed the Canadian actress that her use of the term 'rape' was insensitive and inconsiderate.

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Meanwhile, the woman is facing severe backlash on the internet and her family isn't spared either. She has apologised for her comments, but the fire isn't letting up.

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