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This Music Video About Rape & It's Brutality Is A Must Watch For Every Woman

This Music Video About Rape & It's Brutality Is A Must Watch For Every Woman

We have been seeing all sorts of women empowerment videos since ages but even though there are a million such things floating on the internet, nothing really has changed in the real world. We still hear at least one brutal rape story each day. We still hear people make nasty remarks at women for behaving in a certain way and we're still as regressive as it can get when it comes to women. This fierce video talks about everything that needs to change in this society.

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Raoul Kerr who wrote this song says - "I wrote this song in response to the brutal rape of Nirbhaya, the solidarity shown by the people who protested right after and by how nothing seems to have changed since then." Kerr goes on to say, "This song, this video and this album are a battle cry aimed at uniting all the people who hope for a better world. It's time for us to stand together. It's time for us to fight in the name of compassion and turn that hope into reality, a reality where violence of this kind has no place" - he adds.

Just like him, we too aim for a better world. A world where women can be free. A world where they are respected as much as men. The change begins with you and no matter what you say or do, it takes just you to make that little change. We hope to someday wake up and see a world that is different from that it is now. In this hope, we live each day feeling free (in our heads)