These 97 Women Firefighters Of Mumbai Are The Real Heroes

These 97 Women Firefighters Of Mumbai Are The Real Heroes

There are some things that just make our day and give us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Watching women break stereotypes and take over the world, one day at a time, is one of them. In an unprecedented move, the Mumbai Fire Brigade has hired 97 women firefighters, raising the total number to 115. WOAH!

Most of these courageous women are in their early 20s and aim to save as many people as they can from fire accidents. Kavita Gurule, a 22-year-old firefighter who was keen on joining the army has said "as soon as I heard about this opening and decided to apply as I was keen on getting into a service where I could serve my country and its people."

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Prabhat Rahangdale,  the Chief of Mumbai Fire Brigade, in an interview said "the women are in the final stages of their training. Once through with it, they will be posted across various fire stations in the city. It is good to see the enthusiasm from these women and their readiness to take on the toughest tasks they are being trained to face."

He also added that “Our training sessions were never different in terms of men and women. The women were at par with their male counterparts and were then selected. In the end, firefighting is all about courage and physical endurance. And I am extremely proud that these many women are going to be a part of our team.”

Hearing this, our hearts are swelling with undisguised pride. These women are the heroes all of us needed as inspiration in our lives!

Images: Indiatimes