The Most Dangerous Countries For Your Health & Safety In The World

The Most Dangerous Countries For Your Health & Safety In The World

It's no secret that India is like a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to certain elements - the air pollution levels, the health hazards and well, the fact that women aren't safe from lecherous men, and men aren't safe from their own kind. To add to that, I just happened to stumble across the 'Travel Risk Map' a map released by the International SOS and Control Risks that shows just how tourist-friendly all countries are, so you need to consult it if you have any major travel plans for 2018.

After collecting data from the World Health Organization and other such institutions, the map reveals how safe each of the countries are based on factors like road safety, security and medical parameters.

Well, here are the maps, and world's most dangerous countries, for your reference!

1. This is how you'll be risking your health by travelling to your place of choice in 2018. 

1 most dangerous countries

1 b most dangerous countries

If you have any plans to travel to Africa or Afghanistan this year, you might as well want to change them while you have time. However, if you're going to North America, you're all set thanks to the low risk!

2. This is how your favourite destination looks from the security point of view!

2 most dangerous countries

2b most dangerous countries

I'm not really surprised that some parts of India and its neighbouring countries pose a high degree of security risk. However, if you're going to Denmark, you're pretty much good to go!

3. Think driving in India is crazy? Check out how the world is doing!

3 most dangerous countries

3b most dangerous countries

Did you see? India is only moderately risky when it comes to road accidents. Praise the Lord! Though, I'm a little scared looking at the very high risk that is in Africa!

So, how do you feel about this?