Surat Just Witnessed A Mass Wedding Of 251 Couples & We're All For It!

Surat Just Witnessed A Mass Wedding Of 251 Couples & We're All For It!

Weddings are a costly affair in India and if a girl doesn't have a father, it's almost impossible for her and her family to meet the marriage expense. But Surat witnessed a mass wedding of 251 fatherless brides last Sunday which was hosted by Indian diamond trader Mahesh Savani. 

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Business tycoon Mahesh Savani believes that giving away brides is a blessing from God and therefore has been funding and organizing similar mass weddings since 2012. He revealed to DailyMail that he feels a 'social responsibility' towards women who can't afford their own weddings.

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The Surat mass wedding featured 251 young couples which included five Muslim couples, a Christian couple and two women who are HIV positive. 

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The idea of such weddings surfaced when one of Savani's employees passed away just days before his daughter's wedding. Savani then began his charitable campaign in 2008 which has so far funded hundreds of such weddings. In the past, his trust has also given gifts of gold and household items such as sofas and beds to each of the brides to help them start their married life.

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What a noble thought by Mahesh Savani. We certainly need more men like him!

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