An Indian Girls Hockey Team Left In Tears, After Being Mistreated in Australia

An Indian Girls Hockey Team Left In Tears, After Being Mistreated in Australia

It really has been no surprise for years now, that India takes great pride in pushing the sport of cricket and cricketers into the spotlight. Immense wealth and fame are pumped into the game, with product endorsements and celebrities in tow, while the other sports in the country take a backseat. When it comes to taking an active role in supporting and aiding teams and players who believe in winning accolades and recognition in sports like hockey, most of the time, it’s always considered second favourite to cricket.

In a video that has surfaced online via Twitter, an Indian girls hockey team who were in Australia for a scheduled match said they were denied basic facilities, especially transportation to the venue, from the Indian government and authorities. One of the team members, Lalita, took to the camera to say “We’ve come here for the match and haven’t been provided any facilities, including travelling to and from the venue. Nobody is telling us where to go and what time to reach”.

The video soon reached the Sports Authority of India (SAI), and things took a strange turn as the authority’s official Twitter handle tweeted that “No Govt. of India sanction/approval for travel has been accorded to the team and the coach featured in the video circulating on social media”.

Hockey India’s official handle also took to Twitter to confirm the same as mentioned by SAI and vowed to investigate into the matter so that they can look into the identification of the team and the coach.

Further updates and investigation on the matter are pending from the authorities, but it really makes us wonder how a team as big as this and an event as important could easily be sidestepped by authorities. That too, after knowing how hard women’s sports teams in India work to train and gain recognition and fame for our country through their love for the game.