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What’s A ‘Groutfit’ & Why Are All Our Fave Celebrities Wearing It?

What’s A ‘Groutfit’ & Why Are All Our Fave Celebrities Wearing It?

Groutfit is as comfy as it can get, ladies.

And even if you’ve never heard of that word before, we bet you have a groutfit neatly folded in your wardrobe. And chances are that it’s in the form of a school-day sweatshirt, shorts or a loose t-shirt you wore for a sleepover at your friend’s pajama party.

It wasn’t long ago that this word entered our fashion glossary. A portmanteau to a look that’s top-to-bottom... grey. Basically a mix of two words: Grey + Outfit. But it also has the undertones of the word grouchy. It sort of describes the ensemble for you, grumbly as when you’ve just woken up. Groutfit lets you celebrate the coziness.

Of course, you have been wearing an all-grey outfit at sleepovers and home but the fun is in donning it when you go outside and flash it because hey, you can’t spell gr-out-fit without ‘out.’

When worn outdoors, it also symbolises a rebellious behaviour but in a healthy way, as in, you are moving away from orthodox rules and regulations for your comfort.

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And while we are talking about this monochromatic trend, we would like to tell you that your fave celebs also enjoy the cozy-lazy nature of the groutfit. Recently, Selena Gomez was spotted wearing the cool-and-casual ensemble in NYC.

Here are a few recently spotted groutfit examples which confirm that this trend isn’t going anywhere...


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