Who Was Gauri Lankesh? And Why Was She Murdered?

Who Was Gauri Lankesh? And Why Was She Murdered?

Gauri Lankesh. A name you have been listening to since last night. A name that was an integral part of the Indian press. And a name that was courageous enough to fight the system.

But have you ever heard of this name before? Maybe. Maybe not. Nevertheless, you need to know her story - who she was, what she did and why was she shot dead point blank?

Who was Gauri Lankesh?

Gauri Lankesh was a senior journalist working for her own newspaper, Gauri Lankesh Patrike in Karnataka. Known for her fearless and outspoken reportage, she had worked for publications like The Times of India, earlier in her career.

The shocking news that came out last night was that she was murdered outside her house.

Internal Gauri Lankesh

Why was she murdered?

While returning from work last night to her home, Lankesh was shot by two bikers and she died on the spot. According to BBC’s article, Gauri Lankesh: Indian Journalist Shot Dead In Bangalore, here’s why Lankesh’s case is so controversial:

1. She had left-leaning views and so did her tabloid.

2. She was sympathetic towards the Naxalites.

3. She was secular and not communal.

4. She firmly believed in democracy and freedom of expression.

5. She said in an interview with Narada News - “People are welcome to call me anti-BJP or anti-Modi if they want to. They are free to have their own opinion, just as I am free to have my opinion.”

Gauri Lankesh was a journalist who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. In a country like India, where we need more and more fierce women like Lankesh, her demise is definitely a sad reality we just can’t let go of.  

In this country, the people who do have the courage to speak up are either shut down with threats and false accusations, or they are murdered. The kind of animosity Indian Press has towards Lankesh’s killers is evident all over the country - candle marches, press meets and protests are happening and more and more people are joining to support it.  

Here are a few tweets that followed after Lankesh’s demise:

1. The Indian Journalists stand united!

1 Lankesh

Source: Barkha Dutt on Twitter

2. Yes! CBI should look into it.

2 Gauri Lankesh

Source: MadhuPurnima Kishwar on Twitter

3. “Brutal assault on the freedom of the press.” - Indeed, it is.

3 Gauri Lankesh

Source: Vikram Chandra on Twitter

4. Gauri Lankesh will always be an inspiration.

4 Gauri Lankesh

Source: Shekhar Gupta on Twitter

We’ll keep the spirit of Gauri Lankesh alive, always.

Images: Gauri Lankesh on Facebook