Meme-Worthy Pictures In 3, 2, 1... Condom Dresses, Trump Shoes & More!

Meme-Worthy Pictures In 3, 2, 1... Condom Dresses, Trump Shoes & More!

It was only four days ago when I talked about the bizarre phenomenon of vagina wigs, a product of Kaimin’s show, from the New York Fashion Week 2018. As wild as they were, there’s something even more peculiar that has surfaced from the London Fashion Week. It’s a slippery slope down into the world of puns but as hard it is, let us introduce you to the world of the condom dress. Let the pictures do the talking now.

1 condom - condom dress london fashion week edwin mohney

2 condom - condom hat edwin mohney

For starters, condom dress made an appearance just goofing around the ramp. Edwin Mohney, a Central Saint Martins MA graduate, is the person behind this. This New York designer’s collection hit the gram hard (pun intended) for its unique display and an idea that blows (pun intended, yes). Rolled open condoms made for a rubbery good style. Look at it go...



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Before I move on to the next picture, (don’t), imagine your summer holidays from your childhood days when all the kids used to have a pool party in the house’s backyard. Why? The memories are about to get splashed (so many puns, God) in the face. From adult pastimes to children's games, the collection really does have a wide mix. 

4 condom - london fashion week pool dress edwin mohney

5 condom - edwin mohney london fashion week pool skirt

Why be in a pool when you can be one! As seen on dresses and skirts, we wonder what was the inspiration behind ‘the pool’ in the head of the 20-something designer. Also, notice the shoes that the model is wearing? Unusual, right? Here’s a closer look at them.

These are called the “Trumpettos” aka rubber masks-turned-stiletto heels with the US President, Donald Trump’s face on it. Crazy, right?

The models walked the ramp not just in these kooky looking heels (PS: it’s a comment on the shoes, no pun intended here) but also in plastic wrap, in duct tape, completely topless, and some only on one shoe. While I’m trying to reserve my comments on the display (or am I?), what do you think of this off-centre turn of events?

Featured Image: Edwin Mohney