Drop Everything And Check Out… Beyonce’s Holiday Collection

Drop Everything And Check Out… Beyonce’s Holiday Collection

The singer with an accent mark in her name has been responsible for many great introductions into our life and vocabulary. From making bootylicious a part of the Oxford Dictionary to giving a name to our no-makeup selfies #IWokeUpLikeThis, Beyoncé’s contribution to pop culture has been immense. The latest addition being a capsule collection that slays (or is it sleighs) through the holiday season.  

Lighting up the Beyhive are Christmas-themed sweaters, t-shirts, onesies, hoodies and tree ornaments that are punnier than thou. Spreading holiday cheer and reasonably-priced merch, the collection is available on the Lemonade singer’s website (which ships to India but at a cost, sigh!). A small price, though, to get your hands on a collection that mixes colloquial sayings with Beyoncé-isms, to give you gems like ‘sis the season’ and ‘holidayoncé’ on sweaters. Ugly sweater parties just got a chic update.

When life gives you lemons - you put on your sweatshirt with Queen Bey’s photo screen printed on and dance to the soundtrack of Lemonade. A lyrical ode to her hit single with DJ Khaled and husband, Jay-Z comes in the form of wrapping paper and phone cases emblazoned with “best revenge is your wrapping paper” and “shinnin”. Reinstating our belief in Beyoncé as the queen of memes. Our favourite, though, is the t-shirt printed with a picture from her Instagram wearing antlers. Slay, indeed!    

Nice and thicc

1 Beyonce Holiday Collection Thicc Crewneck F

Have A Thicc Holiday purple crewneck sweatshirt (Rs 3,560)

Lemon squeeze

2 Beyonce Holiday Collection Ornament Holidayonce EnamelLemon

Holidayoncé Christmas ornament (Rs 1,550)

Paper play

3 Beyonce Holiday Collection wrappingpaper both

Best Revenge Is Your Paper wrapping sheets (Rs 1,000)

Pink in love

4 Beyonce Holiday Collection HolidaySweater Pink F

‘Beyoncé Holiday Sweater’ t-shirt (Rs 2,260)

Dress-up time  

5 Beyonce Holiday Collection Ornament Holidayonce White Ball

Holidayoncé satin ball ornament (Rs 770)

Slay all the way

6 Beyonce Holiday Collection Slaybells phonecase

Slay Bells iPhone case (Rs 1,940)