Two Billion Protestors In Hong Kong Made Way For An Ambulance In A Heartwarming Gesture

Two Billion Protestors In Hong Kong Made Way For An Ambulance In A Heartwarming Gesture

On Sunday, two billion citizens of Hong Kong came together to protest the extradition bill being proposed and supported by their Chief Executive, Carrie Lam. This bill would allow extradition (the action of handing over a person accused of a crime to another jurisdiction) from Hong Kong to mainland China. The citizens fear that this step would expose the people of Hong Kong to China's questionable justice system and lead to further exploitation of the city's judicial independence.

While Carrie Lam offered an apology last week and suspended the bill after the initial protest that took place on 9th June, the protests have continued. The turnout on Sunday consisted of two billion people who want nothing short of Carrie's resignation.

However, amidst this peaceful protest, the citizens of Hong Kong have proven that they have a heart of gold as they parted ways in an orderly manner to make way for an ambulance.

They aren't just considerate but they also made sure that the streets of the city remained clean! The protestors volunteered to come back the next morning and clean the streets once the protests were over.

While China is backing this bill through the unrest, Carrie said that she has heard the protestors "loud and clear" and will "reflected deeply on what has transpired." However,  38 people were arrested during the protests and only 8 were released. The fate of those detained is still awaited.

Featured Image: New York Daily

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