Five Women Reveal How Their Sex Lives Changed After Marriage!

Five Women Reveal How Their Sex Lives Changed After Marriage!


Physical intimacy is one of the most beautiful aspects of a relationship. Yet, as the other dynamics of a relationship alter, so does sex. Marriage is (in)famous for bettering or worsening people's sex lives. So, to get to the depth of the matter, we got hold of five married women and asked them to share what marriage did to their sex lives and here's what they had to say. Spoiler: It doesn't get bad at all.

1. We can finally skip protection!

Before marriage, we could never skip protection. It was more mental than physical but I feel that I like it more without the protection. We can skip it after marriage because I am on a pill. So, sex has now become more about love than about worry of not getting pregnant. It has just simply become purer and more beautiful.

- Prerna Joshi

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2. You tend to take it for granted sometimes

Sex after marriage is more comfortable, not as dirty as before and less frequent. It’s like when you know something’s readily available, you tend to take it for granted sometimes.

- Samira Badhwar

3. The no-sneaking-required kinda sex

After marriage, you get a lot more comfortable with each other and each others' bodies. You figure out what works for the other person and that makes the process a whole lot easier. Sex after marriage is also hassle-free because you don't have to constantly sneak around to do it. *wink*

- Nidhi Kavle

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4. The explorative kinda sex

Sex after marriage does not really change. The frequency might dip a bit, but after years of being together, a couple gains a sense of freedom of exploration (trying different things) with each other. There is that definitive ease of being in your birthday suit and not worrying about how you might look or not. In my experience, sex only gets better with time.

- Shraddha Rastogi

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5. It can tend to lose its charm!

You know how when you have something, you don't value it. Just like that, when you were dating and having sex was kind of a taboo according to your parents, you enjoyed the thrill of it. Now, after marriage, when it's become an obvious activity, it can tend to lose its charm. 

- Radhika Sharma

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