8 Reasons Why Married Sex Is The Best You'll Ever Have!

8 Reasons Why Married Sex Is The Best You'll Ever Have!

Sometimes it seems like married sex is the adopted child of sexual relationships. You know how it is in the movies, a one night stand with a hot stranger pushing you against the wall with steamy background music playing, it’s one hell of a turn on, not gonna lie! For that matter, even romantic relationships have their kiss-in-the-rain moments. But sex after marriage is assumed by many to be boring and monotonous. 

Nope kids, married sex is actually the best kinda sex you’re going to have and here’s exactly why.

1. You both have done a PhD in each other’s bodies

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You know the awkward “Is this working for you?” conversations, yeah not that sexy when you’re in the mood for some fun. The good thing about being partners for life is that you know just where to bite and exactly where to suckle, and boom, you’ve got fireworks! I just don’t think there’s a nice way of saying, “What exactly were you doing with your feet during 69, and can you never (like ever) do that again?!"

2. You can together decide what ticks

Early morning sex gets you hot and bothered? Or is it something about cramped spaces that gets you going? Well, whatever it may be, you guys can make your own kind of perfect. 

3. You can let your naughtiest and kinkiest side out to play (Purrr…)

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Kink, dominance, submission, bondage, role-playing, all require a certain level of trust. And who can you trust more than your darling partner?

4. You don't need to worry about all those little things

Yeah, yeah, the helper didn’t come today and the kids got punished in school, but that’s what adulating is all about. At least you don’t have to think a hundred times if he’s into you or just doing it for sex, or if he will stay and cuddle after, or if your boobs are too small for him. You can enjoy your hubby’s caresses and wow, you’ve made magic!

5. You can have fun while having sex


I know most people think that being comfortable means being boring, but that’s not true. You know each other’s bodies, you’re in the same groove and voila, it’s fun. You can even laugh at the hilarious moments together later; oh that time he tried to shoot a load on your face but it landed all over your hair, or that queef with impeccable timing, yeah fits of uncontrollable laughter is never a bad thing!

6. Bid farewell to STDs 

Did he come inside you? Doesn't matter (well, not counting the chances of having a baby of course!). But you don't have to worry about herpes or cold sores or partners lying about their sexual history. You've got your man and you know everything there is to know about him.

7. ORGASMS! (Yeah, in caps 'cause they're just that great!)

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This is obviously not a guaranteed thing and between us girls, it’s kinda a rarity to expect (just keeping it real!) but with the person you’re spending the rest of your life with, they just know how to get those juices flowing. And ain't nobody complaining about that, honey!

8. Determination and hard work brings success

The more sex you have doesn't necessarily mean that you're getting better at it. But the more sex you have with the same person will make you better at it for them. If you know your lover has a back problem, you'll be extra careful to put pillows under. These little things can go a long way.

So ladies, the sex life that the diamond ring on your finger brings is not so bad, is it?! *wink*

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