The *Ultimate* Sex Checklist To Tick Off In The First Year Of Your Marriage

The *Ultimate* Sex Checklist To Tick Off In The First Year Of Your Marriage

Getting married is probably one of the most thrilling moments in our life. Even if you have dated your partner before tying the knot, there is a certain sense of excitement and a happy blush that comes with it quite naturally. You both finally get to live together (well, most of you), and an important part of starting a new life with your husband definitely has to do with sex. Your excitement sure is at its peak in the first year of marriage and since we know this, we have come up with a sex checklist that you should tick off in the first year marriage. Trust us, nothing will spice up your sex life more.

1. Try sex in different places

Really guys, this is the first thing you should be doing post your wedding. And by places we do not just mean exotic locales. We mean do it in a car, in a pool, in the lift, on a rooftop. Anywhere that has some risk attached and anything that gives you a solid adrenaline rush. You will love it, trust us!

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2. Share naughty photos with each other

We know most people feel shy and have inhibitions about sending raunchy pictures to their partners, but hey, you can’t deny it till you try it. Send him a really naughty picture in some racy lingerie or while you’re in the bathtub, and you cannot even imagine the crazy sex you’ll be getting that night!

3. Cook together, but without any clothes on!

This one should definitely be on the list. We know these things might seem impossible if you live in a joint family, but come on! You should look for opportunities and grab them when they come. You might cook with your husband a lot of times, but make it a bit different this time and get naughty in the kitchen without any clothes on. Believe us, this will be the sexiest meal of your life.

4. Don’t just kiss in the rain, do something more!

And by something more, yes we mean sex. Get touchy-feely with bae when it rains next and you will have no idea how much fun that will be. Rain sex is one of the best kinds of sex!

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5. Play the ‘strangers’ game

It’s super fun! Do this at least 6-8 months after your marriage. Decide on a place and time, meet your husband there but both of you should act like you’re complete strangers who’re out on a date. Go out for dinner, take a walk and then go home and make love. It’ll bring so much spice to your sex life.

6. And, role play for sure…

Playing strangers is fun, but role playing is even better! Dress up like a sexy nurse and hot doctor, jailer and prisoner, or even Cleopatra and Julius Caesar... Trust us, there’s nothing cliche about it! You’ll have so much fun!

7. Spend the night at a hotel in your own city

Obviously when you go out for vacations and trips, you will stay at hotels. But the rush and excitement of having a staycation in a luxury hotel in your own city just takes the pleasure to another level. Book a room, go there and have the craziest sex that you can imagine.

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8. Play strip poker

There is poker and then there is STRIP POKER! If you’re both fond of playing this game, then you will love the rush it gives you. Even if you don’t play poker, you can always play some other card or board games and come up with a set of your new and sexy rules, sounds good?

9. Use sex toys, they work wonders!

We know that many people find it unsexy to use toys during sex, but you should give it a go once. Do some research and experiment a little to find something that suits both of you. Then use it during sex and foreplay. Sex will be heavenly, no kidding!

10. Share a crazy sexual fantasy or fetish

We all have crazy fantasies, sexual and otherwise. So, if either or both of you can figure out what gives you a kick, pursue it together. It could be a crazy fetish, something weird you want to do in bed or anything exciting. Share it with your partner, and you’ll both be very happy in bed.

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