10 AWESOME Ways Sex Changes After Marriage!

10 AWESOME Ways Sex Changes After Marriage!
Don’t believe all those things about married sex being monotonous, girls, ‘coz the truth is that sex with your hubby dearest can be pretty damn great. It’s even better than the sex you had before you tied the knot! Here are some awesome ways sex changes after marriage...

1. He’s ALL Yours…

You’ve done the saath pheras, you’ve signed the legal documents and are officially bound to each other for life. There’s a whole new thrill and closeness that comes with doing the deed with your husband. After all, he is all yours and you’re all his… Forever! 1. ways sex changes after marriage

2. Fun In The Buff

The fact that you can be naked around each other whenever and wherever, makes it even hotter. You can sleep naked, chill naked, shower naked (well, duh!) - it’s such a turn on! It basically means you guys have sex even more often now.

3. You’re More Confident

You know you’re in this for life! The fact that your partner is going to be with you no matter what, is a helluva confidence booster. You’re way more self-assured than before, which helps you feel like a total sex goddess in bed! 3. ways sex changes after marriage

4. It’s Okay If You’re Not Groomed All The Time

Whether you forgot to shave or you're due for a waxing appointment, you don’t have to feel awkward anymore when he sees you naked without being waxed, trimmed and plucked to perfection. He knows you’re a human being and finds you as hot and attractive as ever, which is pretty awesome!

5. There’s More Communication

You talk about your sexual relationship openly with each other and don’t shy away from communicating about what drives you wild in the sack and what you would like to do more of, which basically leads to even better sex! 5. ways sex changes after marriage

6. Quickies Can Be Fun Too

Sure, the slow lovemaking all night is great, but sometimes a fun quickie while getting dressed to go out or when your in-laws are expected back soon, certainly helps keep the spark alive!

7. The Comfort Level Makes Everything Better

Marriage is pretty much a no-embarrassment zone. Imagine not having to put in that exhausting effort to look fantabulous ALL the time. You can sit around in your sweats without even combing your hair and pig out on the couch for hours and your husband will still love you and will still want to do unspeakable things with you under the covers. Sounds pretty fantastic, right?
7. ways sex changes after marriage

8. You Can Get Super Experimental

The fact that you’re super confident in bed with him now means that you’re open to adventure. Different positions, kinky fantasies, sex in unexpected places - you’re comfortable and confident enough to try it all. It also helps keeping the spark shining bright. Yay!

9. It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

If you’ve been married for a long time, it’s okay if you don’t have sex as often as before, because when you do, it’s pretty darn awesome. That’s because you both are so attuned to what the other likes and know how to get each other hot. So when you actually get down to business, it’s usually pretty fantastic. Now wouldn’t you want to have fantastic sex once a week rather than mediocre sex every other day? 9. ways sex changes after marriage

10. The Sex Only Gets Better With Time

And YOU get better at it too! The longer you’ve been together the better it gets as you’re more communicative, comfortable and open with one another. Plus, we all know that practice really does make perfect! *Wink* GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr