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Quarantine, But Make It Stylish: 7 Comfy-Chic Clothes You Can Wear While Working From Home

Quarantine, But Make It Stylish: 7 Comfy-Chic Clothes You Can Wear While Working From Home

Has your bed transformed into a workstation? Is your living room or study looking like a hacker’s hiding place with monitors or laptops and chargers dangling like wall hangings? Congratulations, you are in quarantine!

Whether you love the idea or hate it, the world is enforcing social distancing. As the coronavirus outbreak grows, working from home is becoming the new reality for us. Malls, schools, colleges and cinema halls have also been shut as a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of infections. Amidst the pandemic, it is only logical for the government to take such measures.


Let me tell you from personal experience, work from home is not at all fun and games. It may sound otherwise, but it ain’t! It can be challenging to stay productive and focused when you have so many distractions around you. Your cosy blanket, a pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to tend to, TV, doorbells, and your oh-so-inviting bed to name a few. Add comfy PJs to that equation and your WFH can go for a snooze.

One of the solutions to not let your strict WFH turn into a casual leave is to dress up! I don’t mean sit in your workwear at home, no. That’ll be plain cruel! I mean give your well-worn jammies a skip for the time when you’re working. Wear something other than ‘ghar ke kapde‘ to feel different (read alert and productive) even in a homely setting. Afterward, when you do change into pyjamas finally calling it a day, I guarantee you will feel rewarding like never before. And we have just the types of clothes that you can wear.


What To Wear While You Work From Home

Read on to find out the perfect balance of snuggly and stylish outfits you can wear while you work from home:


Loungewear is casual, comfortable clothing that is suitable for wearing at home and this set of plush pyjamas in blush pink will add the right amount of flush to your WFHs. Hehe! My favourite part about loungewear is the freedom they give me to style the separates as I want. For instance, I can wear the lounge top with blue jeans and white sneakers or the lounge pants with a black off-shoulder top and heels outside. Totaly doing that as soon as the pandemic ends!



An elastic waist with a drawstring fastening, the versatile black colour and utmost comfort, these jogger trousers have it all. Not to mention the ability to double up as casual trousers to work once the pandemic ends. Psst… If you’ve always wanted to recreate those snug celebrity street-style looks, this is where you begin!

Sweatshirt Or Hoodie

If you want to be your productive best during WFHs, go for clothes that are hella motivating like this ‘Hustle’ sweatshirt. Every time you feel like you’re losing it, just look at yourself in the mirror and let your sweats give you the pep talk, that too in style. If you want to be successful, you gotta hustle. So start with this sweatshirt, won’t you?


Pyjama Trousers

Nothing like a pair of trousers that put the fun in funky. These light pink pyjama bottoms with a floral print are just ‘it’ to get you going while you work from home. When you feel comfy and look your chic best, how could you not want to make the most of it, eh!

Kurta & Salwar Set

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is comfier and equally stylish than a kurta and salwar set. A printed kurta paired with dhoti or Patiala salwar or palazzo is easy-breezy and a total desi rocker! You’ll feel work-ready and at ease too when you wear one at home. Alternatively, you can also wear your salwar or palazzo with a T-shirt as Geet did in Jab We Met.


Polo Neck T-shirt

Who says you can’t look trendy while in quarantine! Get your hands on this military print polo neck tee that is so 2020 and comfy-chic at the same time. Wearing a polo neck instead of a regular T-shirt will help keep your neck straight, hence, ensuring an alert mind and body. So, while you are at it, add some trend to it, no? Also, you can totally wear it outside with jeans come better times.


You gotta have a pair of feel-good leggings in your closet and these printed ones from the Shivan & Narresh X Koovs collaboration come first to mind. More often than not, clothes can be such mood lifters! I think these are just the basics you need during these tough times.


Go on! Be at ease, soldier! It’ll all be okay.

Featured Image: YouTube

16 Mar 2020
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