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An All-Women Police Squad Riding Bullets Will Be On COVID-19 Duty In Kerala

An All-Women Police Squad Riding Bullets Will Be On COVID-19 Duty In Kerala

I still remember the panic that was created in India when the first-ever positive case of COVID-19 surfaced in Kerala. By the time the nation-wide lockdown was implemented, cases in Maharashtra and Kerala had skyrocketed. While the number of cases in Maharashtra are still on the rise, Kerala has set up some really great means to tackle the spread of the virus.  

Apart from a well-established health system, the general awareness of people in Kerala is very high as opposed to other states. In the case of COVID-19, a well functioning health-care sector along with the high levels of education (and awareness) in people, has contributed a lot in helping curb the rapid spread of this deadly virus. They also recently implemented the #BaskInTheMask campaign on Instagram highlighting the importance and the dire need to wear a mask in public. 

Women have been at the frontline in Kerala fighting this pandemic as health care workers, counsellors, officers etc. Now, lady cops will be on COVID-19 duty across Kerala. They will be checking in on people in quarantine centres and will ensure everyone is following the lockdown restrictions. They will also keep a keen eye on anyone violating social distancing norms.  This idea was earlier introduced as an experiment in Trissur, Kochi and turned out to be a big hit. Almost 40 women were trained to go on 10 bikes around town to keep a check on people affected by the virus. Inspired by the success of this experiment, the state of Kerala has decided to incorporate this state-wide starting next week. 

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According to the DGP of Kerala Police, “Daredevil riders have shown what women power is. They are in constant touch with people in quarantine and boost their confidence, at the same time they are tough with violators. They registered several cases in a few days. They handle the situation with care and compassion”, he told popular news daily. 

We trust the women power of Kerala who have shown superb skills in containing this virus. All this goes to prove that effective home quarantine, social distancing and constant surveillance and help are behind the success story of this state. Kerala is known to have the lowest mortality rate and the highest recovery ever since the first case was tested in the state. Kerala is a live example of how far can education take you!

Image: Hindustan Times

05 Jul 2020

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