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Yes, Ladies, Sometimes It’s OKAY To Ditch Your Underpants!

There is something super-empowering about NOT restricting your lady parts – i.e., ditching your underpants! Of course, we don’t mean while wearing short skirts – that’s just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, but there are certain reasons (and occasions) when you should give going commando a shot! Here’s when and why it’s okay to wear no panties…

It Can Help Reduce Risk Of Infections

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Gynaecologists actually recommend slipping off your panties at times to let your vulva breathe, which can potentially reduce the risk of infections. Thanks to your natural liquids down there, fabric can sometimes collect moisture and turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, whereas going without panties allows you to dry naturally. If you’re prone to yeast infections, then you should definitely think about going commando more often – of course, doing so at night while you sleep would probably be more convenient than in the daytime!

It’ll Make You Feel Oh-So-Sexy!

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Knowing that you’re naked beneath your clothes can do wonders for your mood and give you a big confidence boost! If you’re looking for an easy pick-me-up, or planning a hot date with your guy, ditch those undies for a while. After all, who doesn’t like a naughty little secret lightening up her day?!

Because Panties Ain’t Always Comfy!

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Thongs, G-strings and lacy underwear can definitely make us squirm in our pants (literally!), so it’s okay to not bother dealing with them once in a while! If you’re hanging out at home, or wearing something sufficiently long (don’t risk wardrobe malfunctions, please!) when stepping out of the house for a brief while, give yourself a break from those itchy numbers and elastic woes. Try sleeping with nothing beneath your PJs, and you’ll understand what we mean when you wake up the next morning!

Because Sometimes There’s No Other Way To Deal With Visible Panty Line

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Sometimes, your clothes DEMAND you go without! Think a super-snug bodycon dress – if you’re wearing one for long hours, then it’s not always a great idea to go wear a thong – it’s just SO uncomfortable, and you can potentially get fabric burn in your sensitive parts. But only if you aren’t going super-short, mind you – you want to be comfortable, not give random strangers the view of a lifetime!

What Better Way To Tease Your Partner?!

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Whether you’re looking to spice things up, or just want to drive your man crazy, send him a text about your no-underwear situation – and, we promise, you’ll be the only thing on his mind for the rest of the day till he can get his hands on you!

So You Can Mark It Off Your Bucket List!

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We can’t always get too adventurous with marking things off our bucket list, given the country we live in. And going skinny dipping is pretty much a no-option thing. This is as close as most of us would dare! 😉

A Few Rules To Live By If You ARE Ditching Your Undies

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Because nothing in life is that simple!

  • Do NOT try this when you have your period, of course! And a couple of days before and after – you don’t want to risk staining from discharge, or if your hormones decide to be temperamental!
  • Yes, you don’t have to worry about wedgies and visible panty line, but you DO have to be cautious of camel toes. So NEVER try this when you’re wearing pants.
  • Denims, thanks to the thickness of the material, don’t usually give you camel-toes. But it’s for the same reason – the stiff material – that you shouldn’t go panty-less with jeans. The chafing could be brutal to your delicate bits.
  • The breeze won’t be your friend if you’re going commando – so mind your length, and steer clear of cuts and styles such as skater skirts and thigh-high slits.
  • Never, ever, EVER go commando at work. You don’t just risk a social faux pas but a professional embarrassment that would be extremely hard to recover from.

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06 May 2016

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