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8 Ways To Make Sure Your Period Comes On Time… Every Time!

8 Ways To Make Sure Your Period Comes On Time… Every Time!

What’s worse than getting your period? Getting it when it’s totally unexpected or having no clue when it might decide to show up! If Aunty Flo regularly shows up too early or too late, then we’ve got the perfect tips for you. Read on for a few ways to ensure your period comes on time, every time! After all, a healthy, normal period is important for long-term health.

1. A Healthy Diet And Steady Blood Sugar Levels

1 make your period come on time

As with everything else, the first and biggest step to ensuring a healthy and regular period is with a well-balanced diet. A nutritional diet that keeps blood sugar steady is important for improved hormonal function. A high protein diet as well as one including lots of fiber and fruits and veggies while staying clear of refined sugar and processed foods (read junk food!) is essential. If you’ve been facing period irregularities, it’s a sign that you definitely need to rethink your diet.



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2. What’s Your Weight?

Your BMI (body mass index) and weight play a significant role in menstrual function and fertility. Being underweight or overweight can definitely affect your cycle. Exercise and eat right to maintain a healthy weight for menstrual as well as overall health.

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3. Pop A Multivitamin

3 make your period come on time

One every day – but only after a consultation with your gynaecologist. Also talk to them about whether you need to have folic acid or primrose oil supplements. These help ensure that your body has healthy levels of vitamins and minerals to function properly.

4. Stay Stress-Free

Stress is a major factor that can affect your period gravely. Stress disrupts levels of the hormone cortisol, which affects estrogen and progesterone – the hormones that are responsible for menstruation. Chronic stress will lead to menstrual anomalies, so you definitely need some stress busters to help manage it better. Try yoga and meditation, learn to unwind at the end of a day with a hot bath, pamper yourself to spa days once a month and take that vacation you’ve been wanting!


5. Be A Sleeping Beauty

5 make your period come on time

Erratic sleep schedules also contribute to disruptions in menstruation. In fact, girls who typically stay up late and sleep till late are said to have more severe PMS symptoms. Remember that the next time you’re staying up late watching a movie! Sleeping early and setting a regular sleep schedule can help normalize hormonal functioning and your cycle.

6. Exercise Right

A healthy amount of exercise is important for fertility. A combination of strength training and cardio for 30 to 60 minutes a day helps improve hormonal imbalances like in menstrual fluctuations and PCOS. Stay away from exercise that is a bit too vigorous and stressful as that can also lead to irregularities. Your fitness regime should be stress-free and enjoyable; remember that working out too much can also cause problems in your period cycle.

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7. Say No To Smoke

7 make your period come on time

We already know that smoking affects fertility, but it can also affect your period. A lot of refined carbs and caffeine can also cause problems. So cut back on all of that, they could be why your period never shows up on time.

8. Get A Check-Up

An early or late period sometimes is not really much to worry about, but if it happens every month you should definitely get a check-up. Keep a note of the date your period arrives every month as reference when you consult your doctor, who will help diagnose the problem and regularize your cycle.

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10 Jun 2016

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