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#MostMemeableMoment: Reactions To Paragliding Video Guy Is Something We Can All Relate To

#MostMemeableMoment: Reactions To Paragliding Video Guy Is Something We Can All Relate To

Vipin Sahu, who recently went viral because of his hilarious paragliding video, would never have imagined that his six-minute-long video would make him an Internet sensation in a jiffy. But as we well know, the power of social media is beyond our comprehension. 

The 24-year-old man hailing from Uttar Pradesh, who was on a trip to Manali, Himachal Pradesh with his friends, was trying to shoot a selfie video (even though he is scared of heights!) while paragliding but ended up making a meme out of himself. Even though Vipin was acrophobic (phobia of heights), he chose to go on the crazy glider after peer pressure consumed him.

In the viral video, Sahu is seen coping up with his fear in the beginning but as the video goes ahead, he loses all control, which further turns into a scary (for him) rib-tickling situation (for us)! The funniest part of the video is his conversation with the man behind him and we must warn you it is kind of NSFW! So, plug in your earphones and take a look at the video if you haven’t seen this humorous horror yet.

“Social media is such a powerful thing. A small man from a small town has got so much love. I am glad I could make so many people laugh,” Sahu said in an interview with a leading media publication.

Sahu’s selfie video on YouTube has garnered over lakhs of views and has taken over other social media platforms as well. Meme lovers on Twitter went on the crazy train after the video took over the platform. Some users even started relating to Sahu and his reactions. Here are some of the memes/ reactions we felt the world needs to see RIGHT NOW!






In the interview, Sahu also reveals that now he wishes to go for skydiving. Guess we need some “Bhai Land Kara De” merch now! LOL.

Featured Image: Instagram

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28 Aug 2019

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